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Did he win?

February 22, 2010

Meghan has gotten a little too into the Olympics:

Are the Olympics changing the way you view humanity? I was walking on the sidewalk to my office today and an old man was not budging from his path on the sidewalk. In my head I thought, “That’s an aggressive line he’s taking,” and I realized I was thinking about snowboard cross rather than walking.


Gimme gimme symphonies

February 16, 2010

In the midst of some bizarre ramblings on Chilean writer Robert Bolano, artrock/punkrock icon Patti Smith discusses a subject close to my heart:

I had a slight headache. I thought it might be a result of the shot of Patron I had in a particularly loud cantina in West Hollywood the night before. I was watching some basketball game on their high definition screen when suddenly the face of Juwan Howard appeared. Juwan was my favorite player on the legendary U of M Fab Five team. I watched for a few minutes, just long enough to catch a glimpse of him executing a fabulous dunk. Intense, idealistic Juwan Howard, great as ever. My tequila arrived in a small plastic shot glass. I downed it and left. I reasoned that the culprit probably was not one shy Patron, just the heavy morning rain.

The continued rise of Tor Hamer

February 15, 2010

Another dope video from No Mas:

Making up for the stolen MVPs

February 13, 2010

Some progress!

February 1, 2010

Wired (the best magazine out there?) weighs in on how video games are impacting real live sports:

Today’s football players have an edge that no athletes before them have possessed: They’ve played more football than any cohort in history. Even with the rise of year-round training, full-contact practice time on the field hasn’t increased — in fact, it has actually gone down, as coaches have tried to limit the physical punishment that the game exacts. But videogames, especially the ubiquitous Madden NFL, now allow athletes of all ages to extend their training beyond their bodies.

While I kiss the sky

January 30, 2010

The only day we’re on top

January 29, 2010

Anybody have feelings about who the Lions should draft?

Becoming who you are

January 27, 2010


January 26, 2010

I have nothing interesting to say on this topic, just a declarative statement: Lebron James is amazing.

The Cavs lineup:

1 Daniel Gibson G 6-2 200 02/27/1986 Texas 3
14 Daniel Green F 6-6 210 06/22/1987 North Carolina R
21 J.J. Hickson F 6-9 242 09/04/1988 North Carolina State 1
11 Zydrunas Ilgauskas C 7-3 260 06/05/1975 Kaunas, Lithuania 11
9 Cedric Jackson G 6-3 190 03/05/1986 Cleveland State R
00 Darnell Jackson F 6-9 253 11/07/1985 Kansas 1
23 LeBron James F 6-8 250 12/30/1984 St. Vincent-St. Mary HS (OH) 6
15 Jamario Moon F 6-8 200 06/13/1980 Meridian CC (MS) 2
33 Shaquille O’Neal C 7-1 325 03/06/1972 Louisiana State 17
18 Anthony Parker G 6-6 215 06/19/1975 Bradley 6
44 Leon Powe F 6-8 240 01/22/1984 California 3
17 Anderson Varejao F-C 6-11 260 09/28/1982 Santa Teresa, Brazil 5
13 Delonte West G 6-3 180 07/26/1983 Saint Joseph’s 5
31 Jawad Williams F 6-9 218 02/19/1983 North Carolina 1
2 Mo Williams G 6-1 190 12/19/1982 Alabama 6

These guys aren’t all terrible role players, but Shaq and Lebron are the only people listed who should be starting for a playoff team (and who knows what kind of shape the Diesel will be in in late May), let alone the team that’s playing the best basketball in the association.

A team of Huskies

January 22, 2010

Chad Ford’s trade rumor column, via Kenny, who didn’t send a link:

Rudy Gay, F, Grizzlies
The Grizzlies are playing their best basketball since Jerry West was the GM, so why would they mess with a good thing?

There are two reasons, according to a pair of general managers who have spoken with the Grizzlies in recent days. One, Memphis is concerned that this summer a team flush with cap space will offer Gay (who will be a restricted free agent this summer) a huge contract that Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley will be unwilling to match. Two, the team, currently at 22-19, would love to make the playoffs and believes it’s a veteran defensive presence away from getting there.

While a number of teams would be interested in Gay, a rising talent at age 23, keep your eye on the Pistons. They have been hunting for the right trade in which to move Tayshaun Prince. If Prince is healthy (he has been battling back and knee injuries all season), he might fit the bill for Memphis — and the Pistons could throw in a lottery pick from this year’s draft to sweeten the deal.

Kenny’s thoughts:

You never know how much of these are speculation (most of them). I’d love to trade tayshaun for rudy, don’t know about adding what could very well be a top 5 pick this year. Hell if we rattle off another 13 game losing streak we could be right in the middle of the John Wall sweepstakes, which would probably be the best thing to happen to the Stones since they made the Conference finals and had the second pick in the deepest draft of the last 20 years. Oh, wait…

Gay would be a nice addition for sure, but the Pistons really need a solid big. If we’re really willing to part with our 1st rounder this year I’d much rather make a run at Al Jefferson. For example we could send them Tayshaun and Kwame and our first round pick for Jefferson. They get kwame’s 4 million coming off the books for next year. And a veteran who still has life left and would be a good guy to have around a young team, plus the big prize of another lottery pick to go with their own. Since having two lottery picks turned out so well for them in the last draft, they might want to try another shot at it.

Where does a lineup of Stuckey, RIP, Jerebko, Al Jefferson, and Bwallace put us? With BGordon, Bynum, and Charlie V off the bench? We’d still need a long term answer at Center, but if you have Jefferson you don’t need a scorer, you just need to find somebody to rebound and protect the rim, in the Dalembert, Biedrins, Camby mode. Much easier to find than a true low post scorer…

I’d prefer a starting lineup of Rip, Gordon, Gay, V, and Khalid El-Amin running the point. Straight UConn. Then hopefully we could get Geno to move away from the women’s game and up to the NBA and coach us.

So did Joe D. really blow 80 million on two bench players last summer? Are we resigned to that?

I love Al Jefferson and he’s on a great contract, but I’m sure the Stones would give up too much to get him. He’s a great offensive post player, but he’s not Hakeem, he’d need a lot of good pieces around him. And I worry about pinning our future to a young guy who seems injury prone.

Also, not to be dense, but what’s the point of trading Tayshaun? Just that he’s the player that has the most value and we need to do something? The Rip extension looks worse and worse in hindsight (and at the time it looked pretty bad also.)