Gimme gimme symphonies

In the midst of some bizarre ramblings on Chilean writer Robert Bolano, artrock/punkrock icon Patti Smith discusses a subject close to my heart:

I had a slight headache. I thought it might be a result of the shot of Patron I had in a particularly loud cantina in West Hollywood the night before. I was watching some basketball game on their high definition screen when suddenly the face of Juwan Howard appeared. Juwan was my favorite player on the legendary U of M Fab Five team. I watched for a few minutes, just long enough to catch a glimpse of him executing a fabulous dunk. Intense, idealistic Juwan Howard, great as ever. My tequila arrived in a small plastic shot glass. I downed it and left. I reasoned that the culprit probably was not one shy Patron, just the heavy morning rain.


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