For those about to rock

Pictures from Iraqi metal band Acrassicauda’s first American show.

The documentary about them:


2 Responses to “For those about to rock”

  1. indeedindeed Says:

    “I could never really be in a metal band because my Dad drove Volvos and I went to summer camp and I have been to like 100 bar mitzvahs. You could probably write your own list of why you can’t really be in a metal band either. Acrassicausda’s practice space in Baghdad(!), was bombed(!!), they had to flee their homeland to stay alive(!!!), they sold their instruments to afford to survive(!V)–which makes it really hard to be a band–yet they stuck together and went through all this shit for years so they could play this show for us in a basement in Brooklyn. Now they will forever have the freedom to do this shit because they had the balls to be willing to die for metal and friendship and well fuck it, you get my point. The bar is set really high now. Sorry your parents didn’t love you, or you don’t really appreciate “the system,” other metal bands. Simply put, these guys make you and the rest of us look like a bunch of little bitches. “

  2. zachary Says:

    never could get into slayer.

    this means GWAR.

    for some reason i liked megadeath. maybe its the name

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