What up doe

Via Kenny, Darko on being a Piston:

SLAM: Do you ever get mad when people say they wasted a pick when they could’ve got Dwyane Wade or…
DM: They did! No, they did waste a pick, you know. Why did they take me? Who knows if I really had a chance to play like these players that play like Dwyane Wade or Carmelo, those guys are incredible players. So for me, being a second pick, I don’t get why they didn’t play me at all and, secondly, they did waste, you know? Why did they take me? You should take someone that they really think was gonna play right away because just taking someone to sit on the bench, you waste a pick and you waste the guy’s time. You wasted my time for three years not playing so you f**k up a player and you f**k up yourself, and I just didn’t get it. So I just didn’t get it. I guess they thought they were gonna be champions forever. I don’t know.

So the difference between Darko and Chris Bosh is that Bosh had time to play in Toronto?

I agree that Dumars’ mistake was multiplied by having Larry Brown as coach and having a lot of good frontcourt players stockpiled in front of Darko, but ultimately as a player you have to force your way onto the court through your own effort. You can’t blame your failure of development on Joe D.


4 Responses to “What up doe”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Just sent this in an e-mail response to zach, but in honor of you’re glorious return to the blogosphere I’ll contribute to the discussion here as well:

    I don’t disagree that it’s a wasted pick. just disagree with him whining about how sitting on the bench for 3 years is the reason he didn’t equal his potential. There have been plenty of players who had to sit the bench for a few years and still turned into really good players. Jermaine O’neal is the most notable example. The fact is that if Darko could have played he would have, either in Detroit or when he got chances in other places. So it was a terrible pick because Darko sucks not because the pistons ruined his career by making him sit the bench.

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    if darko had gone where he should have gone based on his talent (say, number 17 to phoenix, where the uptempo game might have suited his softness) maybe he does develop much more evenly (and certainly having the weight of expectations at number two and the almost immediate bust talk doesn’t help someone psychologically.)

    but, still, darko just wasn’t a dominant nba-style player. hopefully he thrives in europe and can let go of some resentment (though i’ll always blame the unholy trilogy of chad ford, dumars, and heintz.)

  3. Pat Says:

    Haha, damnit darko.

    I still think he has the talent to be a good player, he obviously doesn’t have much determination between the ears.

    It was a wasted pick both because they took a project and didn’t give him a chance to develop and because he just actually sucks.

    When are the pistons going to end this losing streak? how did they start playing worse when tayshuan and rip came back from injury?

    Do we tank and hope to be in the john wall sweepstakes? Can we get some good big men for any combination of the players we currently have?

  4. matt Says:

    where is darko now… riding the pine behind danilo. i think all darko was saying was why pick him when there are really, really good players who could play right away available. why pick a project at #3.

    now the stones are a mess. fortunately, there will be some primetime redwings domination this sunday against chicago!

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