Overwhelming change

I don’t understand this article too well: “Bing’s team finds savings, but change is a challenge.”

For one, the savings he’s describing seems so minimal. And it’s never really explained why the change is so challenging.

“The biggest problem that we’re going to have, with all the good intentions and the good recommendations that we got from the turnaround team, is that it’s a very hard spin to get city workers and people who live in the city to accept change,” Bing told the Free Press in an exclusive interview this week. “But if we don’t, we die, and I don’t want to be here if, in fact, that is the direction that we’re going in.

What’s the offensive change being offered? Do most Detroiters really care about changes like closing down the local power plant?


6 Responses to “Overwhelming change”

  1. zachary Says:

    when it saves like 80 million bucks a year they should. the challenge is implemeting these things and getting approval from all the board member who owill likly deny any change cause they just dont get it.

    i think he explains it very blunlty. all these poor people are gonna shit their pants when he has to cut things cause the city cant afford it. a major thing will also be getting rid of the older salaried employees. that sucks, but theres few other options.

  2. matt Says:

    it says this will save the D from getting in a 700-million deficit in two years.

    i think the change that people are having difficulty with is getting fired.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    right, that’s always the issue. but is that a huge political problem? though the city of detroit must be one of the biggest employers in the city (top five?)

  4. matt Says:

    isn’t it toms food markets… ZING!

  5. matt Says:

    wow.. here is a list showing just how screwed detroit is. the city is top 11.


  6. zachary Says:

    might be time to let some go. privitize some stuff.

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