I coulda been somebody

SI.com has Amir Johnson listed as one of a few potential NBA secret weapons. If this kind of transformation happens, I’m coming after Joe Dumars with a tennis racquet:

Amir Johnson, Toronto: After getting traded twice last summer, it’s easy to forget that only a year ago Johnson was considered an untouchable prospect in Detroit’s rebuilding plans. As a raw talent who entered the NBA straight out of high school, though, Johnson never got the playing time he needed to develop in Detroit. Even last year, when he was viewed as an essential part of the Pistons’ future, Johnson averaged only 14.5 minutes while contending with a rotation that already featured Rasheed Wallace and Antonio McDyess. Still, he has a freakish level of athleticism and a propensity for making exhilarating plays. Consistent time on the court may be all that’s needed to get Johnson to prosper, and in Toronto he looks to be an ideal complement behind Chris Bosh. Keep in mind, Johnson is only 22 and already has four years of NBA experience. With a regular role and the extra motivation of being in a contract year, he could finally be ready for a breakthrough.


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