Behind already

I missed every second of college football over the weekend. What happened to MSU?

I’m slacking, I need to buy the NFL package.


8 Responses to “Behind already”

  1. broseph Says:

    msu got what was coming to them…which is to say that a series of improbable events led to them losing. and michigan is ranked 25th in the country.

  2. zachary Says:

    thats a good way to put it joe.

    our d lacked a little bit. and we missed two td passes by inches. had one of those been made, game time. but thats hwo it is.

    i think we can beat nd. the players will be pumped up.

  3. matt Says:

    msu-cmu games are always epic.

    ND is definitely the better team, but I did think Michigan would win. Hopefully, msu will realize that once you pressure clausen, he will fold like charlie weiss’ belly.

  4. Kyle Says:

    CMU’s offense played the best i’ve ever seen them play. We had 27 firstdowns to MSU’s 17. MSU made mistakes at crutial times and CMU capitalized.
    Tate Forcier is legit and Charlie Weiss doesn’t know how to run down the clock in the 4th quarter.
    USC looked pretty bad the first 3 quarters, I actually thought OSU would pull out the win. Once USC went exclusively to Brian McNight on the last drive they were really impressive.

  5. indeedindeed Says:

    i think the problem was giving dantonio the new contract….

  6. Pat Says:

    Florida and Texas are the two best teams in the nation. I’m not sure it’s close.

    CMU is the best team in the MAC and came to play in EL. 31 LeFlavors is a good qb who can make things happen with both his legs and his arm and that little wr/kr Brown from CMU will be some NFL teams little midgie weapon.

    MSU is rotating two first time starting qb’s and their best running back is a true freshman. Their offense looks great for one series and then is completely out of sync the next. I think Cousins has a much better grasp of the offense and is a far more accurate passer than nichol at this stage. (i’ve only watched about a game and a couple plays from the 1st game) I think Nichol may be the guy next season or even by the end of this season because he does have the ability to create with his legs, break some tackles and make some plays. This might be the first big test of Dantonio’s coaching career at MSU. Do they start to wilt and fold after an early season loss like the john L years? I don’t think so, i think for once MSU actually believes they deserve to challenge for the big ten title and i think expectations do wonders to keep a team motivated and working hard.

    The Notre Dame vs MSU game will be a very interesting game to watch. Is Michigan’s defense simply awful or is notre dame’s offense one of the best in the nation? Michael Floyd is unstoppable, i think. MSU is going to need to grind the clock and keep Jimmy off the field. Whatever his douche level, he’s finally living up to some expectations and playing pretty good at qb.

    I’m also curious to see whether MSU will be able to get any sort of consistent pressure. I think ND’s offensive line is finally much improved from the last two seasons. They were able to stymie a pretty good 4 man pass rush from michigan mostly all day and the only time clausen was hurried was when michigan came with the blitz.

  7. Pat Says:

    Michigan still has some very big question marks, (their secondary, their linebackers, their depth due to various injuries) but they also have the answer to the biggest question and concern going into the season. Tate Forcier can straight ball.

    I’m a Michigan fan, but if anyone has video of another true freshman quarterback in his second collegiate game playing as well as forcier then i’d love to see it. Sure, Barkley led USC to a win in the shoe, but he also has USC’s talent around him. Forcier was making the right reads all day, and mostly delivered great throws. His running ability was on display and his ability to escape pressure is simply amazing. He has poise and moxie and gives michigan a chance to beat any team on their schedule.

    Tate is simply a stud.

    Congrats to Rich Rodriguez, the biggest win of maybe his entire career but especially his tenure at Michigan. He has the support of Michigan fans and is gaining support in the media. A great win for Michigan, but even more important for RR.

    I think we’ll see Tate struggle in some games later this season, and Michigan’s defense needs to get healthy quick for the big ten schedule. But i think with Brandon Minor healthy and playing we’ll see Michigan pound the ball in the ground game a little more in upcoming weeks. Denard Robinson will get plenty of snaps at qb in the next couple weeks as Michigan tries to prepare him in case of a tater tot injury.

    I think Rodriguez is building a foundation of team fast enough to compete with those boys in the SEC and BIG 12. The Wolverines aren’t there yet, especially on defense, but you can see the team speed oozing already. The future is bright in AA. Hail.

  8. Kenny Says:

    Watched parts of UM-ND. Didn’t make me encouraged about our prospects this weekend or in three weeks against UM.

    Michigan’s offense looked good, although I still think a big question mark is whether they can keep Tate healthy. I talked about this when they hired Rich Rod, and about the spread in general, you are making your qb handle the ball so much more, and take more hits that you increas the chances of an injury. Robinson is an interesting option as an X factor, but he needs to come so much farther if he were to be the number 1 qb.

    I don’t know what to make of MSU. I was nervous about the central game when the schedule came out last weekend. Lefevour is good, they have good wide recievers, etc. But our defense put 0 pressure on him all day. We had stupid penalties, and failed to make crucial plays on third downs or other crucial situations.

    The next 3 weeks are absolutely critical for Dantonio. Three tough games @ND, @wisconsin, vs. Umich. If they start this season 1-4 it will be endless stories about “Same old Spartans”. This is the first time they have had to deal with major adversity when it comes to expectations under Dantonio. In his first year nobody thought they would be any good so 7-6 was a bonus. last year they won every game they were supposed to win. So this is a big test, but considering how good ND’s offense looked against UM last weekend I am not optimistic about our ability to stop Clausen, Floyd and Tate. We better come prepared to score some points. And I agree with what Pat said about Cousin’s/ Nichol

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