Tiger days

Brutal loss last night for the Tigers. You can’t have one out and two guys in scoring position in the eighth and not score against good teams. We cannot get it done on the road. Though Jackson and the pen battled hard against the shaky opening.


starting july 31. the tigers will play 17 straight games ending on the 16th of aug. from july 31 to aug 31 the tigs will have had 2 days off. we need to come out of this with a like .600 win percentage ( though i’ll take anything above .500). that’d be massive. and would put us on the fast track for the division title.

Right now we’re at .532; thankfully our division is “very balanced”—which is Midwestern for “sucky.” Coolstandings.com gives us a 48.7% chance of winning the division, which I think is a little high. But we’ll take it.


8 Responses to “Tiger days”

  1. Kenny Says:

    I think we have a decent chance of winning our division, and I suppose with Verlander and Jackson at the top of our rotation we could be dangerous, but I just don’t think we are consistent enough offensively to win the world series.

    The ESPN analysts really spent a lot of time talking about the Magglio situation, basically that if he gets 90 or so more plate appearances we have to pay him 18 million next year. It’s worth mentioning that he has 6 home runs. I just wonder what this team can do to get younger and better offensively going into next season.

    I really like the way our rotation looks to be heading in the future. Verlander, jackson, and Porcello are all young and have the stuff to be dominant starters.

  2. broseph Says:

    the tigers have to be the most inauspicious first place team in recent memory.

  3. zachary Says:

    if magglio bats >.300 for the remainer of the year and into the playoffs we should pay him. but if he continues at .256 we should not.

    i don tneed hr’s i need hits. maybe im alone herein thining this.

    also we cant let go of cabrera. every game they mention how in a few years we wont be able to afford him.

  4. Kenny Says:

    well it doesn’t matter what magglio hits, his the “performance” clause in his contract was inserted to protect the Tigers from a potential injury, not from potential shittiness. If he goes to the plate 90 or so times his contract is automatically extended whether he goes 45/90 or 5/90 it doesn’t matter.

    And I agree homers aren’t everything, but run production is. And you can’t afford to pay a guy 18 million to be a .280 singles hitter.

  5. zachary Says:

    so he needs 90 more abs? why not get him to 89. then bench his ass? if hes doing shitty. thats all she wrote.

  6. indeedindeed Says:

    no one could have foreseen how good PED testing would get.

  7. Kenny Says:

    According to Steve Phillips last night the Tigers have to figure out what to do with him soon because if he gets close and they just bench him the union would file a grievance and have a pretty legitimate case.

    I bet they end up biting the bullet and playing him all year, and hoping he bounces back at least a little bit next season.

    We need a dang win tonight.

  8. indeedindeed Says:

    the economy of the game has changed a lot too. no one makes that money now. teixeira is close, but he’s also sub-30 and a yankee. and he’s going to have 40 doubles, 40 homers, 110 ribbies.

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