They’re just like us?

This story has been subject to more investigative muscle than the lead-up to the Iraq War.

Report: CBS’s David Feherty, not Tiger Woods, was fairway farter at Buick Open

Via Danielle.


8 Responses to “They’re just like us?”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Um you quoted the least strange part of that story:

    “Randy Youngman of the Orange County Register also believes it. Here’s what he wrote today:

    None of this is surprising to me. A few years ago, I interviewed Feherty before the Toshiba Classic at Newport Beach Country Club, and he confessed that he, Woods and Tiger’s caddie, Steve Williams, sometimes have off-camera farting contests during tournaments.

    “If you see Tiger and Stevie laughing hysterically (on camera) and you can’t figure out why,” Feherty told me, it might be because one of them loudly passed gas.”


  2. zachary Says:

    woudlnt people at the even hear this? golf isnt exactly a loud sport. there should be no speculation.

  3. Kenny Says:

    Well, golf tourney’s aren’t as quiet as they make them appear on TV. When the players arent’ actually standing over the ball there is plenty of crowd noise to mask it.

    But I will also say that it still seems really strange and kind of unlikely. I mean fart humor still has it’s place, but “farting contests” I think we can all say that is somethign that should ahve been left behind in elementary school

  4. Pat Says:

    elementary school? is kenny just bad at farting? don’t take it out on us that you lack tooting talent.

  5. Kenny Says:

    when was the last time you had a “farting contest?” i thought Michigan was supposed to be the Ivy League school of the midwest. Real cosmopolitan Pat.

  6. Pat Says:

    I just wanted to say tooting talent.

  7. York Roberts Says:


    Rashard Lewis tests positive for PEDs

    You all laughed at York’s “NBA Players take PEDs too!” assertion. Well looks like York will have the last laugh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….

    427 days until LeBron’s suspension…

    /end TJ

  8. zachary Says:

    i take PEDs to fart louder and longer.

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