Nothing going


Washburn has been tight this season on another team that lacks any semblance of consistent offense.

I liked this move. But where the hell is the 2006 Tigers offense I knew and loved (…having on my fantasy baseball teams).

It’s a good question. The biggest difference is no more career years from Polanco and Maggs. Dano correctly predicted that playing the field full-time would allow Inge to really flourish as a power hitter, but he’ll never hit for average. Granderson does not get on base enough for someone so talented. Clete, Laird and Everett are brutal. Guillen is just coming back, hopefully that’ll help. But we’re one Cabrera injury away from being the worst lineup in the AL.


11 Responses to “Nothing going”

  1. zachary Says:

    maggs and polanco are also having their worst years of their careers right now. both lifetime 300 hitters. so if they can start battign like that again, well be solid.

    granderson really needs to step it up. his obp is bad.

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    It’s interesting, I just checked his numbers. His hitting is at .257 as opposed to his .280 of last season. which is a huge drop in our minds. but it’s only a difference of ten hits over his 405 atbats. so if he had gotten a bloop single instead of an out 2.5 more percent of the time, he’d be having the same year as last year, when he was the emerging face of the AL. kind of crazy to think about how small the differences between good and bad players in baseball.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    they’re both at least 35, they may be near the end.

  4. indeedindeed Says:

    weird, i sent that second comment first and it posted second. huh.

  5. zachary Says:

    what about the sox picking u p peavy. they gotta be the favs in al central now.

  6. indeedindeed Says:

    yeah, i’d gladly trade washburn for them not getting peavy. but they’re still beatable. and he might not respond well to being in the AL.

  7. Pat Says:

    I’m much more worried about age being a factor in mag’s poor hitting than in the case of polanco. When i watch the tigers polanco is still having great at bats, fouling off pitch after pitch. If there is one out and a man on third, i want polanco at the plate. I think he’s got at least a few more productive seasons left.

    They need someone to get hot. Thames, Grandy, Mags, Guillen…anyone.

    I think Clete is better than Raburn. I’m not a Raburn fan.

    Inge and granderson both strike out way too much. Especially grandy since he’s a leadoff man, he needs to get on base.

  8. indeedindeed Says:

    At least when Grandy strikes out it’s usually with no one on base. It’s horrible when Inge ends an inning with someone on and a giant whiff.

  9. Pat Says:

    Yeah you notice it more, but i think granderson’s strikeouts negatively affect the team more than inge’s.

    All those hits that the middle of our lineup make (which seem to be less and less these days, but cabrera is still ripping base hits at a great clip) and don’t get RBI’s, that could be far different granderson raises his on base % a significant amount.

  10. York Roberts Says:

    I liked the Washburn acquisition a lot actually. But Yeah, I would say it might have benefitted them more to go after a bat (or two).

    Magglio has had a strange year…His numebrs are sooo much worse than last year. We’re like at the 3/4 mark and he only has 32 RBI. I can understand power going down but that’s just strange. He has an equal number of walks and RBIs this year.

  11. Kenny Says:

    I think granderson is suffering from being the tiger’s second best offensive player. He used to get a lot better pitches to hit because teams would rather face him than polanco hitting .330 or Maggs hitting .330 with 110 rbi. Now, teams look at grandy as one of the players that you don’t want to let beat you, along with cabrera.

    I also think that this is sort of a transition into what granderson will probably be long term as a tiger. Leyland and Dombrowski have both said that his future is as a middle of the order hitter because of his power. They just don’t have any other option at leadoff than him. Maybe I am just a granderson apologist. I do agree he needs to find a way to get on base more so he can be a catalyst for the offense.

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