I love Curtis

Though not in a “I want to buy a date with him” way. Most likable Detroit athlete since Yzerman?


5 Responses to “I love Curtis”

  1. zachary Says:

    id buy a date with him. tell him to stop doing fucking charity and get a goddamn hit in a bseball game.

  2. indeedindeed Says:



  3. Pat Says:

    haha first off, zach is right about granderson. he and the rest of the tigers need to start scoring some runs. but i love grandy for his charity work, he seems like one of MLB’s favorite players to market because of all his good deads.

    Also, Jerry, that bulls thing is stupid.

  4. Kenny Says:

    Post about Grandy more!

    He hit two dingers last night and the Tigers scored 13 runs.

  5. indeedindeed Says:

    I can’t even get excited during those games because I always get the irrational fear that we’re using up all our runs and now we won’t score again for a week.

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