“you fan boys make me sick.”

Zach is upset:

so i finally watched the video of lebron “getting dunked on” wtf? the way you worship his nut sweat i figured that he at least was dunked over. the dude dunked around him. lebron was under the basket and switched over last second. thats either poor defense or good defense, but certainly not getting dunked on, i hate lebron but i know getting dunked on when i see it. you put this on your blog and so did everyone else like it was the end all be all of dunks… ive lost faith in your nba commentary – – prolly for life.

Wouldn’t a true fanboy be arguing what Zach is arguing: that the guy didn’t actually dunk on Lebron?

Here’s the sum total of what I wrote about it: “Lebron got banged on at his own camp!” Then I linked to an article about it. Because, like everybody else in the world, I hadn’t seen the footage until yesterday, so I had no idea what the severity was. And the only reason we’re talking about this is that Lebron or his representatives wanted the footage back, not because it was the greatest dunk of all-time or something.

That being said, I think competitive basketball players have a different perspective than Zach about what being dunked on means. Obviously, Lebron wasn’t too thrilled with what had happened, or his peoples wouldn’t have responded the way they did. NBA guys go absolutely nuts when someone gets dunked on, even when the defender was way out of position.

Here’s Kobe talking about it:

Here’s the dunker talking about it:

I’ve been dunked on once in my life. I was in a pickup game and this guy showed up who supposedly had been a recruit for UConn but couldn’t qualify academically. He was about the same size as Josh Howard and had a similar game.

Anyway, I was back on a two on one and I went to stop the ball and this guy just elevated and jammed, hard. He about kneed me in the head on the way up. It was profoundly emasculating for about ten seconds until I remembered that he is much much better at basketball than me and that my feet only get off the ground when I’m laying on the couch. But if you’re Lebron James you’ve never really had to learn to be humble.


7 Responses to ““you fan boys make me sick.””

  1. zachary Says:

    i was dunked over once at the ymca in like 8th grade. the dude was about 7 feet. i tried to see about takin a charge but he jumped like 8 inches in the air and was over me. v.c. style

  2. zachary Says:

    i still love you jerro, just giving you a hard time.

  3. Kenny Says:

    I got dunked on at SF in a pickup game after school by Mike Zanotti. It was actually a similar situation to what happened to Jerry. Zanotti and Onion came down on a 2 on 1 (they insisted they wanted to be on the same team, which was really fair) and zanotti went up and jammed on me. I had a similar reaction to Jerry, it took me about 5 seconds to realize that physics were not in my favor in that particular encounter.

  4. indeedindeed Says:

    actually, jason pratt dunked during a game of one-on-one during some kind of basketball camp, but he had beaten me so badly on the move that it couldn’t really be called “dunked on.”

  5. Pat Says:

    never been dunked on. bink.

  6. Kenny Says:

    And I disagree with Zach. That was Lebron getting dunked on. Sure, he was coming over to help, but he went up and challenged the shot and didn’t get there in time. Pretty sweet dunk for Crawford.

  7. indeedindeed Says:

    pat, hard to get dunked on when the guy broke your ankles near the three point line and you’re on the floor.

    i agree with all of this:

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