Even by ESPN.com standards…

Really really annoying Rick Reilly piece:

Look, in every other case, I think Tiger Woods has been an A-plus role model. Never shows up in the back of a squad car with a black eye. Never gets busted in a sleazy motel with three “freelance models.” Never gets so much as a parking ticket. But this punk act on the golf course has got to stop. If it were my son, I’d tell him the same thing: “Either behave or get off the course.”

If he were your son, he wouldn’t be Tiger. He’d be Eldrick Reilly, and he’d be writing the same column over and over and over for a newspaper that won’t exist in six months.

I remember Tiger’s dad, Earl, telling a story. One day, when Tiger was just a kid, he was throwing his clubs around in a fuming fit when his dad said something like “Tiger, golf is supposed to be fun.” And Tiger said, “Daddy, I want to win. That’s how I have fun.”

Well, it’s not fun to watch.

I’d watch Tiger pick out fruit in the produce section; I must be a masochist. It hurts so good to have spent all these years hating to watch him. It’d be much more fun to watch a complacent, superrich superstar twittering mid-round or scheduling dinner reservations from his iPhone as he mails in another 18.


7 Responses to “Even by ESPN.com standards…”

  1. zachary Says:

    i like when he gets pissed. it means hes trying. obviously he wants to win all the time. id be a punk too if i were him.

    but seriously. rick reilley writes less about atheletes when they do the above mentioned things that tiger has never done. and hes upset about him being competitive?

  2. Pat Says:

    um, didn’t read the whole article just your quoted part and rick reilly is a bigger douchebag than i thought. all the greatest athletes in any sport are uber competitive. tiger is still gracious in defeat, after a round, and he’s still a gentlemen in all aspects of the game that matter.

    since when is getting angry on the course not a part of golf? nearly every single person i know who plays golf gets angry on the golf course. it’s a GIANT part of golf. it makes us feel even closer to tiger because we know how it feels to be so frustrated by the sport. if he was always happy and smiling even when hitting shitty shots i think we’d all hate him a lot more.

  3. Pat Says:

    just reread that, i love tiger, so hate him a lot more is the wrong way of putting it. but i hope you know what i mean.

  4. Pat Says:

    Also, since we’re talking about idiot sportswriters. Brian over at mgoblog defends charles woodson’s heisman to chris low of espn and other rocky top manning lovers.


  5. bobbygee Says:

    Rick Reilly? don’t waste my time. he is part of the state run media. I rather watch paint dry than read his dribble.. Tiger’s cool leave him alone. Tiger lost his dad about a year ago. It takes time. Trust me I know

  6. Kenny Says:

    Reilly annoys me when he writes this kind of stuff too, but I think it’s fair to levy a little bit of criticism on Tiger here.

    Other athletes get reprimanded for swearing audibly or frequently. It doesn’t offend me personally, but I do think that it’s fair to criticize him for it.

    I don’t think he’s going to change, but in an ideal world he would.

    I don’t have a problem with Tennesse fans being pissed about that Heisman vote. I think they are wrong, and that Woodson was very deserving, but it’s their job as fans to be pissed when their player doesn’t win. It’s rediculous for a writer at ESPN to say “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, and then reference a conspiracy theory.

    I think the mgoblog writer summed it up well when he said that Peyton was definitely “deserving” of a Heisman, but that doesn’t mean that Woodson was “undeserving”. The reality is that only one person gets to win it, and Woodson was the most spectacular player in college football that year.

  7. zachary Says:

    agreed. he was the most outstanding.

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