Alarmingly close to football season

I know about as much about college football as I do about the art of the pedicure, but Pat and I talked some Michigan football yesterday after the news came out that another Wolverine was leaving the RichRodRegime:

me: what do you think about this story?
pat: MAC level talent isn’t on the 2 deep depth chart and is struggling in school and decides to transfer, happens all the time in college football no big deal the only reason it’s a story is that justin boren transferred to OSU and then made his family values comment, wermers leaving is something that happens all over the country, no biggie
me: yeah, the OSU thing must sting though
pat: meh, he wanted to go to OSU in the first place, he grew up near there, but his dad went to michigan so he pushed him to michigan
but he didn’t want to do the work to be part of the new regime and kept going back to ohio all winter and skipping workouts to help his dad with his snowplow business
so it was a mutual decision with the coaches wanting him gone if he wasn’t committed to the team
he’s obviously talented so that’s why it was a big deal that he transferred, usually starting guards don’t transfer
but shit happens when you have a coaching change
no big deal
also, the part about it being more like a business actually makes me happy
no more coddling
make em work hard, best players see the field
plus boren left over a year ago, i don’t get why it’s still talked about
these kids that transfer wouldn’t even be interviewed about why if they played for almost any other team
but since he leaves michigan and the media loves taking shots at RR they have to interview the kid and publish an article that makes michigan look as bad as possible
it’s dumb really
me: i don’t think that article makes um look too bad
pat: well not this one
me: as you said, the guy didn’t play last year and wouldn’t have had the grades to play this year
pat: but there has been some other shit out
they were talking about it on college football live and slamming michigan
me: yeah
was talking to a kid who goes to IU yesterday and he was mourning how weak his school’s football team has been during his career. uhhhh…. you went to indiana, what were you expecting?
pat: haha yeah they are not good at football
me: but when you’re michigan or ND, you’re a big target
pat: yeah
michigan is winning 8 games this year it’s gonna be fun
me: no way. we should wager. wait, lemme see the sched…
play more home games
pat: yeah they are going 8-4
me: so you basically need to go .500 in your eight real games
pat: well, western will be decently tough
and it’s the first game
they might struggle a bit early
but they’ll be humming by the end of the year
that’s my prediction
me: if they lose to western, does richrod get axed?
pat: noo
me: if they lose to western, does your BAC exceed .35?
pat: haha no i’d be dead
dan’s might that day though, just for the hell of it
me: just a regular saturday early afternoon
what do you think about the ND game?
pat: should be interesting
our secondary is young and they have good wideouts
but i think we’ll be able to run on their D
we are at home
i dunno, kind of a tossup game to me
me: yeah. want to bet on whether BC or michigan wins more games?
note: i’m third string at QB going into scrimmages
pat: hmmm
i have noooooooooo idea about anything with respect to BC football
pat: ok i’ll make a bet
me: 200 bones says we have a better first semester GPA
pat: hmmm
apparently michigan’s was it’s highest in 2 decades last season….
me: because Wermer transferred?

That’s the kind of biting NCAA wit I bring to the table! Watch out Herbstreit, I’m coming for ya. Actually, I’d probably have better odds against Corso. Not good odds, but better odds.


13 Responses to “Alarmingly close to football season”

  1. indeedindeed Says:

    Barry junior:

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    did medicare ruin the chances for health care reform?

  3. Meghan Says:

    ha, thanks – that was entertaining.

  4. Kenny Says:

    I don’t buy the “Media likes to take shots at RR” argument at all. It’s not RR, it’s Michigan. And Michigan fans don’t complain when their school gets far more coverage than just about anyone else.

    That’s the price you pay for being Michigan or Notre Dame, the small stories that wouldn’t get picked up if it happened at MSU get covered because of who you are. Some of those stories are going to be negative, but Michigan gets plenty of favorable coverage out of the deal too.

    And I don’t think it’s the media being personally vindictive against RR either. Lloyd took a ton of media criticism in his tenure. “He’s too conservative on offense”, “He can’t adjust to the modern game.” Again, that’s what comes with being the head coach at Michigan. It’s like being the Lions QB or the Wings Goalie.

    I think from a purely college football perspective, independent of my own rooting interest, Michigan is a really interesting story because it’s the first time a team that can get true top level talent is running a primarily spread option offense. The general thinking has always seemed to be that there wasn’t a need to run that style offense if you had top level talent because you could score a lot of points in a more conventional way. So I think you have a lot of people watching to see how it will turn out.

    I’ve said this before to Pat, but it does say something that he actually typed this sentence in regards to Michigan football:

    “pat: yeah
    michigan is winning 8 games this year it’s gonna be fun”

    If I went back in time to 2004 and told you that in July you were going to make that statement about a Michigan football team within the next 5 years, I think you would have been skeptical.

    But clearly a system change of this magnitude is going to take time. So it will be really interesting to see how it turns out.

  5. Pat Says:

    Yeah Kenny, 3-9 will drastically change your expectations.

    RR wasn’t brought int to compete for big ten championships, he was brought in to compete for national championships. His intense competitive attitude and idea that no player, no matter their year, are going to get special treatment, along with his spread offense, made some kids question whether they wanted to remain at Michigan. I think this happens anytime their is a major coaching coach with a major shift in philosophy but RR had to implement his system (not just his offense, his entire football philosophy) if he wants to build the Wolverines into a national title contender on a yearly basis.

    And sure the coach at Michigan should expect more criticism than a coach at a lot of places, but kid’s transfer every year from schools and they aren’t interviewed to see if they’ll say something spiteful about the team they quit because they couldn’t get on the field. Carr had a guy or 2 transfer almost on an annual basis and no big deal was made of it, it was more of a hey, they aren’t michigan caliber talent, seeeee ya. Now it seems if a kid can’t compete on the field or in the classroom it’s still somehow an indictment of the Michigan coaches that he transferred to Ball State. I don’t buy it.

  6. Pat Says:

    Also, Barry Sanders JR’s highlight video shows off some great skills. I’m not sure he’s quite as fast as his dad, but damn he’s got a lot of that quickness. It’ll be interesting to see where he heads off to college…he’s still only a sophomore in high school (will be a junior next fall i think).

  7. zachary Says:

    is he in MI or OK?

  8. indeedindeed Says:


  9. broseph Says:

    let it be known that the entire extended sloan family will be tailgating for the michigan v. western home opener this fall. michigan, if you let me down there when i am surrounded by broncos i will never forgive you. all the western sloans act like they have this game in the bag…but i don’t see michigan losing another non big ten game in the first few weeks (maybe.)

    show me this new quarterback. i have belief in the rich rod system, i just have never seen it implemented successfully here. but given what we had to work with on offense, it’s understandable.

  10. Kyle Says:

    Kenny, MSU will be getting lots of coverage once Lafevour and the Chips tomahawk your spartans. Boop.

  11. zachary Says:

    i think greg jones might spear lafevour a few times. well see. im not counting that game as a win for us at all at this point.

  12. Kyle Says:

    We have to play close to perfect and force some mistakes from state, then i think we will have a chance. our defense is bad, so it will probably be a barn burner. should be an entertaining game. who’s the signal caller for sparty these days?

  13. zachary Says:

    kirk cousins. yea, that kirk cousins.

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