On the illegible Stones


Chris Wilcox?

PG: Stuck/Bynum
SG: Rip/Gordon
SF: Tay/Daye/Summers
PF: Villanueva/Maxiell
C: Kwame/Wilcox

If Stuckey can make some strides this offseason and become close to an all star player i think that team might be able to win close to 50 games. The good thing about the pistons now is also the bad thing, you’re not quite sure what you’re going to get because they’ve got some good young talent. If Daye or Summers can become a good bench contributor this team will have a lot of scoring in the backcourt and in the second unit. Villanueva still has some upside, Ben Gordon could still be improving. Wilcox is athletic and only 25 but i’m not sure u can expect much of any improvement out of him. I’d like the team a lot more if they could have kept mcdyess, but i think they’re definitely better than last season…

Actually, Wilcox is 26 and he’ll be 27 by the season opener (I know because I thought he was about 30—it seems like he’s been in the league forever.) But the point stands: he’s got a lot of career left. Depending on what the first five needs, he could be the starter; he’s certainly better offensively than Kwame (not the grandest feat in the history of basketball, but still.)

One nice thing about that depth chart is that you can substitute everybody but Tayshaun and not have a drop-off. Bynum, Gordon, Maxiell and Wilcox would be a really fun and athletic unit.

The problem is that we’re nowhere near Boston, Cleveland, or Orlando while Chicago, Atlanta and Miami are only a piece away from being awesome. How can we get to that level? Dealing Rip? I don’t know.


8 Responses to “On the illegible Stones”

  1. zachary Says:

    why deal rip? i actaully really enjoy him starting then having bgordon off the bench. hopefully summers is solid. finally figure out who he is. if so we should be ok. mid seed level. maybe sign someone during next off season. maybe even make another trade in the season. whats boshs deal? loves toronto?

  2. Kenny Says:

    I pretty much agree with your assessment. I think Stuckey will be the difference between us being the best of those secondary teams you mentioned, or being at the bottom of that list.

    Is he the all-star that Joe seemed to think he could be or not? If he comes back with a reliable jump shot, and can improve a little bit on running the offense they will have a hell of a backcourt.

    The front line is going to be a question, but its not like there are a ton of dominant low post scorers in the NBA these days. If they can do a reasonable job of rebounding I think they can be ok defensively.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    Ben Gordon’s prime asset is being one of the top five clutch scorers in the league. So at the end of games we’re going to have to either A. Bench Rip, which he proved last season he’s not down with or B. not play one of the best top five clutch scorers in the league or C. go very small with Stuck-Gordo-Rip-Tay-Big Person or D. have Tay bring up the rock with Rip/Gordo/Villa/Big Person and Stuckey benched.

    Obviously, I have no idea exactly how this’ll play out, nobody does, but you want your most talented guys on the floor, and our most talented guys are Stuck/Rip/Gordo/Tay/Villa, which would be a very undersized unit in the East.

  4. indeedindeed Says:

    Top five clutch scorers in the league: DWade, Kobe, Lebron, Melo, Gordon.

  5. Pat Says:

    I agree we aren’t a contender the way the team is currently set up unless all those young guys gel and continue to step up their games (unlikely).

    There aren’t really any trade scenarios involving rip for a center that make any sense. I guess we need to be content to watch a good team that’s capable of winning a playoff series and hope joe can swing a move to bring in a difference maker.

    Also, Jerry’s proclamation of him being a top 5 clutch scorer aside, i think we tend to underrate just how good gordon is offensively because we’ve got rip on the team and that makes gordon and bit redundant. Gordon was chitown’s best weapon against the celtics and by a large margin. He can flat out fill it up.

    I’ll be honest and say Charlie V is more of a mystery to me, i never watched the bucks play and i have no idea if he’s an improvement over sheed or not. (talent wise, as zach at PF would have been an improvement over sheed last season).

    It will be fun to watch the pistons this season simply to see how they look with all the new pieces and to see whether or not they can gel together.

  6. zachary Says:

    i for sure coulda averaged 4 points 3 boards and 6 dimes. so basically im better than chris wilcox.

  7. indeedindeed Says:

    if wilcox starts he’ll be 14-8.

  8. zachary Says:

    ill place a slurpee on those stats sloan.

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