The only GS I like is Goldenstash

Finally some televised outrage over Goldman Sachs:

Via Matt Taibbi.


4 Responses to “The only GS I like is Goldenstash”

  1. matt Says:

    professor of international finance-sponsored goldman sachs chair. how come academics have no spine, isn’t that what tenure’s for?

  2. zachary Says:

    i blame being p.c.

  3. Joe Says:

    this guy sounds a lot like dennis miller, but that can be overlooked. at least someone else is on board with this goldman sachs cluster.

  4. Pat Says:

    Chris Wilcox?

    PG: Stuck/Bynum
    SG: Rip/Gordon
    SF: Tay/Daye/Summers
    PF: Villanueva/Maxiell
    C: Kwame/Wilcox

    If Stuckey can make some strides this offseason and become close to an all star player it hink that team might be able to win close to 50 games. The good thing about the pistons now is also the bad thing, you’re not quite sure what you’re going to get because they’ve got some good young talent. If Daye or Summers can become a good bench contributor this team will have a lot of scoring in the backcourt and in the second unit. Villanueva still has some upside, Ben Gordon could still be improving. Wilcox is athletic and only 25 but i’m not sure u can expect much of any improvement out of him. I’d like the team a lot more if they could have kept mcdyess, but i think they’re definitely better than last season…

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