Have no fear folks


It’s believed that the Pistons, as of Thursday, have Rasho Nesterovic and Chris Wilcox ahead of Drew Gooden as their next free-agent targets, since it appears that they can’t assemble an offer sheet rich enough for Glen Davis to keep the Boston Celtics from matching.


2 Responses to “Have no fear folks”

  1. York Roberts Says:

    Big Baby is coveted far too much. He learned how to shoot, that’s nice, but the guy is still not that fast, picks up a lot of fouls and can’t really rebound consistently. He’s an undersized big man. Well…a short big man.

    I feel like if he lost another 30 lbs or so and was a little faster he’d still be wide as fuck and could probably play swingman decently well.

    He just seems to have a body type that suits being in the NFL better than the NBA…even though he’s been really valuable all along.

    I just wonder what his ceiling is, you know? Could he eventually be a 6th man? Will his shooting get even better? Should teams continue to use him at C and PF?

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    He’s got really soft hands (literally, he has that skin care line or whatever, plus in basketball terms.) He reminds me of a fatter, less skilled Antoine Walker. He’s a defensive liability. Not sure why he’s getting so much love.

    Rip for Birdman Andersen.

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