No rain please

Realization: the biggest loser in the decision to move Conan to 11:30 is the television viewer in the post-Kimmel 1:00 to 1:35 range. All the funny people in the world and we have to watch Fallon v. Ferguson?

I’m going to the midwest this afternoon, posting will be exceedingly light for the next week.

Speaking of Detroit, Finale’s Heat:

(“Underground like I’m speaking through a manhole/with muscle big enough to start a Barry Bonds scandal.”)


2 Responses to “No rain please”

  1. indeedindeed Says:

    the michael jackson dancer guy in ann arbor:

  2. Kyle Says:

    This is all you post today with NHL free agency, hossa to blackhawks for 12 years, and the stones getting villenueva and gordon… where are your priorities. I need to read some thoughts on the moves, and have zach being upset with the world with wings for not signing fedorov for a 5 year deal…

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