Rachel Getting Married, reviewed

Despite my love for Anne Hathaway, I still haven’t seen her hugely critically acclaimed performance in Rachel Getting Married. But Matt liked it:

ok, so hathaway sort of redeemed herself with this movie. definitely thought she was a better actress than her previous movies. she plays a recovering drug addict going back to see her family and go to her sister’s wedding. drama ensues. the movie is shot handi-cam style which gets annoying at hour 1.5. They should have cut some parts shorter, but it definitely adds to the feel of the movie to get the long strungout wedding toasts and whatnot. the weird thing about the movie is that the groom is into music and is from hawaii, so half of the movie is basically just people playing music. i guess that adds to the lifelike feel of the movie. however, the drama between the sisters seems a little superficial at times, like why do i care. since they don’t use dialogue as much to draw you in it’s harder to care about the sister drama, but it seems more lifelike.

i don’t know, i think it was good. but so were the huge single malt scotches i was drinking.


4 Responses to “Rachel Getting Married, reviewed”

  1. Kyley Says:

    I have yet to see Rachel Getting Married, but I think you are forgetting Princess Diaries. Clearly, after such films, Anne Hathoway is untouchable.

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    untouchable? like in terms of the indian caste system?

  3. Kyley Says:

    haha. there is that interpretation, though i was thinking that we can’t pull her down from her pedestal of awesomeness.

  4. indeedindeed Says:

    I didn’t see much of those movies. To be honest, I think my appreciation of Hathaway is based more on award show and talk show appearances then actual acting. But that’s all about to change.

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