Krugman being Krugman

He sounds like Zach:

PK: Clearly, re-establishing stability in the financial markets is a necessary condition for recovery. But we’re not sure it’s sufficient.

WH: That’s very scary.

PK: Well, that is part of the reason why I am so depressed.

Zach’s output from yesterday:

his career is over. that was fun to watch.

If you get speared in the nuts I imagine it’d explode. or rupture. i’m sure that felt well.

i’d be more concerned with stuart and his lack of good play in the playoffs. him and kronner had many assists for the penguiins. they might have been the penguins leaders in points for the series.

i don’t think we’ll make it to the finals next year, western included. that was a let down.

Zach on the sun:

too hot.

Zach on Gandhi:

too bald.


2 Responses to “Krugman being Krugman”

  1. zachary Says:

    ghandi: not too bald. too skinny though.

    and i could handle the sun cooling down. or the earth being better at reflecting the UV rays. goddamn global warming.

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    more economics: youtube is doomed???

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