“obama’s stimulus plan for michigan”

Via Matt:

The hunt is on for about $125,000 that disappeared after a bag of cash fell from an armored truck onto I-75 this morning, officials with the truck company said this afternoon.

Loomis, a Houston-based company, is offering a 10%, no-questions-asked reward for money recovered before noon Friday, said spokesman Pat Flaherty.

“On the other hand, if that deadline passes, we will fully prosecute anyone associated with its theft from the highway,” he said.

It’s theft if you take something you find on the side of the highway?

I left my hat outside for a few hours and someone took it… can I track them down and prosecute? At what point is it no longer considered private property?


10 Responses to ““obama’s stimulus plan for michigan””

  1. zachary Says:

    how the f will they find the person? id much rather have 125k then 12.5k

  2. Kenny Says:

    i suppose since it was in an armored truck maybe the bills were in sequential order or something. Seems pretty unlikely though. I read the freep story on this yesterday. I guess people were literally stopping on the freeway running around grabbing bills. I wonder of the 125,000 how many people got a piece of it. Even divided 20 ways that’s some serious loot to find on the freeway. I wish I had been in Detroit at that moment

  3. broseph Says:

    when an armored truck hits a rough patch and money starts spewing out of it, doesn’t that kind of seem like more than coincidence? i mean, they are supposed to be protected against all forms of conventional weaponry. getting knocked off by a sharp turn, it almost seems like fate to me. power to the people!

  4. zachary Says:

    agree joe.

  5. Kenny Says:

    Either that or it’s a testament to the state of Michigan’s highway infrastructure. Even armored trucks can’t handle Michigan roads.

  6. indeedindeed Says:

    haha. i bet it was human error. someone was leaning out to spit some tobaccy or something and dropped 125 large.

  7. York Roberts Says:

    I have no idea how $125K could fall off an armored truck unless the person who was doing delivery/pickup left a sack of bills sitting on the back bumper and they just drove away with the money outside the truck.

    Regulation is that cash MUST BE in the back of the truck with guards with shotguns. And I’m pretty goddamn certain you are NOT supposed to open the doors of that truck for ANYTHING other than delivery/pickup and certainly not while shit is moving on the highway.

    I’m not tryign to be a conspiracy theorist or anything but I’m gonna assume that either someone on the truck dropped some cash and told an associate to be there or someone was grossly negligent.

    Either way, fuck if I’d ever give FREE MONEY I found back. How the fuck could they even prove it was theirs? If it was from a pickup from a bank, for example, the serial numbers wouldn’t be sequential at all and there would be no way they could have every number registered.

  8. indeedindeed Says:

    yeah, i don’t understand how there could be a legal obligation to give it back, unless you had previously set up with the guy in the truck of course.

  9. Meghan Says:

    I guess they have video footage from one of the highway cameras

  10. indeedindeed Says:

    since when has michigan had highway cameras?

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