E-mail thievery


how much more proof do we need that the nhl wants pittsburgh to win. scroll down and you’ll see the commissioner looking like his best friend died (which he did) after the wings third goal of the period.

Hopefully my friends will be a little more emotional when I die. Ken:

I don’t buy into conspiracy theories. I don’t think Bettman cares who wins the series. But I do think he wants all the games to be close and competitive. From the league’s bottom line perspective it doesn’t matter who wins the cup now that Pittsburgh has made the finals they are getting the ratings of having crosby and malkin in the Finals.

But he couldn’t have been happy to see a blowout which means that casual fans are much more likely to change the channel.


really kenny? really? not only that but a tsn reporter said he heard the refs telling the penguin player they had too many men on the ice all those games ago.

on top of that, as you said, why wouldn’t bettman want the “most marketable playeri n the nhl” to win the cup? thatd be his wet dream.

if you dont think there’s some sleaze going on, you’re not a fan of wings in my mind. the nhl makes 0 effort to promote wings players and every effort to promote malkin and crosby, and i don’t think malkin can even speak english. but he does happen to play with the bandit.

For me, the most exciting way to build a rivalry is to have one team win against one team, then have the other team beat the first champion the next year, and then have a winner-take-all third bout. In that respect, I can see why the NHL would want the Pens to win. But I think ultimately hockey is just so much more intense when it’s tied or a one goal lead, and Bettman would rather have seven one-goal games than have Sid win a title.


6 Responses to “E-mail thievery”

  1. indeedindeed Says:

    here’s a bizarre video alleging (i think) that bettman is pro-wings (from a sharks fan.)

  2. Meghan Says:

    Am I still a fan of the wings if i don’t care whether there’s some sleaze going on? This seems like an argument to have to compensate for a loss of the series. We’re in position to win it all tonight – if and when we do, it doesn’t really matter.

    Plus – if we win that will make it 5 titles in 12 years (11 if you don’t count the lockout) – we’re the best. It’s not like it’s a secret that [other] people cheer for the underdog.

  3. Pat Says:

    I think the NHL definitely wants crosby to win the cup. The NBA wanted kobe and lebron in the finals. They love it when their most marketable players are the big winners.

    I agree with meghan, it’s awesome being a fan of the best team in the NHL. This year’s cup would be even sweeter than last years and its amazing to know we have the talent and salary structure to keep competing for a long time.

  4. Pat Says:

    On that note, is there a better franchise in pro sports than the red wings? (i think you have to exclude baseball teams like the yankees because of the lack of salary cap its a completely different playing field)

    Some might argue for the patriots in the nfl or the spurs in the nba but the wings have made the playoffs some ungodly amount of years in a row and they have made a transition from being lead by yzerman and fed, to yzerman and shanny, to lidstrom datsyuk and zetts all while being consistently dominant. You gotta love it.

    And during all these great runs by the red wings we were lucky enough to see the pistons be great for 6 seasons and the tigers make it to the world series. Damn lions are holding us back.

  5. indeedindeed Says:

    well, the NHL didn’t always have a cap, and at one point the yankees-wings comparison was a lot more apt, when we’d sign guys like brett hull and literally every other guy on the roster was a future hall of famer.

    what’s amazing to me about the franchise is the scouting and player development. and even the guys that do come via free agency buy into the system, it’s not like we’re able to shell out any more than anyone else.

    in that regard, i think only the spurs have a comparable recent record of success via putting together stars and role players, finding hidden gems.

  6. Kyle Says:

    I think the conspiracy has some legit to it. Last year the Penguins were getting extremely favorable calls in game 5 (which led to their ot win) and in game 6, (which they scored to make it a 1 goal game). The schedule of these finals has been bizarre to say the least. It used to be consistant, every other day there was a game. Pretty simple that way, and it should always be that way (unless traveling from east coast to west coast in the finals).

    I agree with Kenny that Bettman wants close games with high ratings and this to go 7, and why wouldn’t he? “Stanley Cup Finals Game 7”, just say that a few times… It makes me nervous and gives me chills. It’s what the NHL needs to claw back from obscurity. And Bettman wants the face of the NHL in Cindy to hoist the cup, think about off-season marketing possiblilties and all next season….yeah.

    Last night we didn’t get our first PP until the 3rd period… I’m suprised they called Malkin for cross check, cause that was going on all game. Zetterberg was checked into Fleury in the 1st period and the back ref made the call, while the up front ref let it go, WHO WAS 2 FEET AWAY.

    Each game the officiating has been consistantley inconsistant. This tells you that they are calling each game different based on some influence. If they would just call each game the same, it would solve this issue, but they don’t, have to get the home team to win every game so it looks like it’s supposed to. Now game 7 Datsyuk will get misconduct penalties for dangling Pens defensman too much…

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