I guess it’s good for the NHL that the series is knotted two-two.

I can’t remember the time I disliked any elite athlete as much as I dislike Malkin. Crosby is a notch or two below, but still my second least favorite athlete. How long until this reaches Wings-Aves level?


13 Responses to “asfsklasfdj;lksfdjkl;sfd”

  1. zachary Says:

    if people went to the jla to watch the games i could see it happening,. but were poor int hat state. so no rocking arena, that helps a lot in rivalry i feel.

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    game five is sold out i believe.

    funny you bring this up because court and i were talking about this last night so i was looking at espn’s nhl attendance figures. the wings were still i think fourth in the league this year in terms of total attendance (i believe we have the third biggest room, behind montreal and chi.) and the numbers (at least the reported numbers) were better than last season’s numbers (when we were also good.) down from the years before that (when we were always just behind montreal for first) but basically within a thousand tickets sold of selling out 41 regular season games.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    this is what i was looking at:

  4. zachary Says:

    i dont count them as sell out when people dont show up. i guarantee youll see empy seats in the season ticket holders section at the joe. that didnt happen at the igloo.

    and those rich ass season ticket holders are proly trying to sell their tix for llike 2k a game.

  5. broseph Says:

    pittsburgh fans are about to get a second year of the big middle finger on their own turf. we might not be able to win the cup at home, but we aren’t about to give it away to the starter mustache club either.

  6. Pat Says:


  7. zachary Says:

    forget twitter. lets get thos blog rocking and rolling.

    the cold war: neither cold, nor a war. discuss.

  8. broseph Says:

    i’m with zach, where are the g d updates around here?

  9. Kenny Says:

    I would argue the Cold War was rather Cold: Via Wikipedia:

    The Cold War was an ice hockey game played between U.S. college rivals Michigan State University and the University of Michigan on Saturday October 6, 2001. It set the world record for the largest crowd at an ice hockey game.[1] The attendance was so high because instead of hosting the game in East Lansing’s Munn Ice Arena, Michigan State decided to set up an ice rink in the middle of the much larger Spartan Stadium, which they filled to 103.4% of capacity. This meant that 74,544[2] packed the Big Ten football stadium to watch the MSU Spartans and the U-M Wolverines skate to a 3-3 tie.[3][4] Two 300-piece marching bands were present on field and the game was internationally televised

  10. indeedindeed Says:

    isn’t the big house going to host a hockey game between msu and u of m this year?

  11. zachary Says:

    in like 2 years.

    i think um ans wisco play this year at wisco.

  12. indeedindeed Says:

    wisco has a hockey team? are we diluting the power of the outdoor hockey?

  13. zachary Says:

    might be minney. regardless both of those games will surely top the “cold war” in attendence.

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