On one and done

Pat reads:

I think this is an interesting article about the state of the 1 and done rule by the nba. Obviously, the nba has no incentive to rescind the rule just because the college game has some cheaters or kids are forced to go to school or whatever. The nba is still its own business and has to do what’s best for themselves. I understand stern’s stance that the league wants kid to mature a little more both with their games and with off court behavior and spending a year in college certainly helps. These teams are paying kids millions of dollars of guaranteed salary on very young athletes and i can understand their incentive to have more information (time) to make that decision.

You don’t think it’s more about wanting ESPN/NCAA to market these kids on their dime for a year so they’re bigger names when they enter the league? It’s an interesting situation where the owning class and the working class have the same goals. The union represents players who are already in the league, who don’t want to have their veterans’ roster spots challenged by young and unpolished kids.

That being said, how come the free marketeers don’t take up this crusade as an arbitrary exclusion of qualified workers from the professional labor force?

More Pat:

I also think Katz has a good point. I’m sorta worried about college bball. With all the best teams in the nation seeming to have their “student” athletes leaving before they ever come close to graduation it just seems like a farce. The universities are making money off of kids who many of them have no real intent to get an education. (concession, izzo has been able to be successful without many his guys leaving early)

I think the ncaa needs to be harsher with their rules for certain schools and not graduating players. You should lose scholarships if you never graduate anyone.

My big gripe about college sports is just the pretentiousness people within and without the sports seem to have. I think they should acknowledge more openly the lines of demarcation between the universities as centers of higher learning and as big business sports franchises. Big, untaxed sports franchises.

Even more Pat:

Also, Brian over at mgoblog had a very interesting recent post that was on a similar topic of calipari and the goings on at kentucky. Everyone is talking about the allegations at memphis but he brings up some good points about his newest recruiting class and the oversigning at kentucky and its just downright shameful.

Anyways, i know these aren’t new problems in ncaa bball and i’m happy john beilien is on the ncaa ethics committee and seems like the kind of coach who will keep michigan clear of all this nonsense. 🙂 yay

That said, if michigan can sign up the next #1 overall recruit in the nation and he doesn’t cheat on a test or get paid but simply plays 1 and done and leads us to a championship forget that i had any qualms about the current state of affairs!

What if they got paid but you didn’t hear about it for a decade?

I think back about the Fab 5, and I still really cherish those memories, despite the losses in the finals and the historical revisioning I’ve had to do regarding the illegal stuff that was happening in the dark corners of the basketball industrial complex.


3 Responses to “On one and done”

  1. zachary Says:

    That being said, how come the free marketeers don’t take up this crusade as an arbitrary exclusion of qualified workers from the professional labor force?

    bring this idea up to your dad!

  2. Kenny Says:

    Well the Free Marketers might respond by saying that the NBA, as a private entity, has the right to deny anyone they want access to the Labor Force.

    I would tend to agree that the one year rule hurts college basketball, and only marginally benefits the quality of the nba game. Was it really hurting anyone to have guys who came out of high school and weren’t ready sitting on the bench? It cost a handful of veterans spots as the 12th man who wouldn’t have played anyway. And you had a handful of guys that came in ready to contribute.

    If they really wanted guys to be more mature, both as players, and as people I think they’d require at least 2 years from high school graduation. That’s why I agree with Jerry that it’s more about letting guys like Oden, Durant, and Drose dominate in a pretty large spotlight for a year and build fans. I mean those guys as some of the biggest stars in College BBall and who led their teams onto a stage that is as big as the NBA Finals were twice as famous and popular as they would have been as rookies on terrible NBA teams. Even if they had relatively successful rookie seasons, they wouldn’t have had the exposure that they got in the NCAA tournament.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    Yeah, but it’s kind of a monopoly situation with pro basketball.

    Is Carmelo the only future All-Star who was one and done as the best guy on a team that won a championship?

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