Our schools ain’t too strong

ESPN.com’s main page featured comments are always terrible, but the current one (by a Detroit fan) is unusually bad:

Sidney Crosby might be an acronym for ‘invisible’ because that’s what he is so far in this series.

Not to go all book-larning on this, but an acronym is a way of shortening a phrase or name by using letters to represent words or parts of words. So you could say that “S.I.D.N.E.Y. C.R.O.S.B.Y.” is an acronym for “Sucks In Detroit Notably, Every Yahoo Canuck Really Ought to Stop Buying Yellow” but you couldn’t say that “Sidney Crosby” is an acronym for “invisible.” You could say “Sidney Crosby” is a synonym for “invisible.” And that would have been mildly funny.


2 Responses to “Our schools ain’t too strong”

  1. zachary Says:

    arent the schools bankrupt in d? so that post makes sense.

  2. Kyle Says:

    $9123, the price for one ticket to game 3 in pittsburgh. $20000 for game 6 tickets….


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