A thousand ways to say little


Yeah, i agree that the ivo deal can’t be graded until we see what the pistons get out of the cap space. obviously it was better for the nugs in the short term but now they are sitting right at the luxury tax threshold with a team that needs to find another boost to get it to the finals. Their only hope is that JR Smith takes some sort of gigantic leap and becomes a stud. As is, he’s an extremely dangerous 3 point shooter when he gets hot but not much else. it’ll be interesting to follow denver this offseason and see what they do, whether they lose players and keep the salary down or take a shot at adding another piece and paying luxury tax to try to win a championship.

Can the Stones deal for the Birdman? He combines the best of BWall’s energy with the best of Rodman’s Pistons-era controlled insanity.

I’ve been reading some chatter in the detroit papers that the pistons are likely to look for a pg in the draft or in free agency because joe D said that stuckey isn’t a pure point guard. does that mean stuckey is going to be some sort of third guard? i dont’ get this, i’m all for having a solid backup pg who is a “true” pg or whatever but i just think they need to run their offense differently and allow stuck to create rather than just standing at the top of the key and dribbling and passing to others. i definitely think the more pressing need is for a big man.

i’m curious to see if the pistons look into adding a pg and using rip or stuckey as trade bait. i’m not sure i really like stuckey as a starting sg either since he’s not much of a jumpshooter. i think after only one full season of regular playing time its awful early to think he can’t be the starting pg on an elite team.

I definitely question Stuckey’s ball-handling, but I don’t think you have to have a “true” point guard to win in the NBA. The Lakers, the Magic and the Cavs all had really mediocre point guard play this year and they made it a long way.

That being said, If Jonny Flynn somehow drops, I’d grab him, but this draft is so bad he’ll probably go top ten. If not, I agree that a big man with a legitimate low post scoring game would be helpful. We haven’t had one of those since… James “Buddha” Edwards? I don’t know.

Jerry, do you think villanueva from milwaukee is worth taking a look at for the PF spot? he seems lazy to me but i’m not gonna lie i haven’t followed his career or watched him play much at all. I know he’s a guy who’s out there and can at least score some points.

I don’t know what to think about Villanueva. I thought he was going to be terrible for the Raps when they got him, and then I was pleasantly surprised by his game with the Bucks, but then you always hear him in trade talks. Then the thing about Twittering at half-time probably wasn’t a good sign. I don’t think he and Skiles see eye-to-eye. But his per 48 numbers are really good. He averaged 16 and 7 in 27 minutes last year. All that being said, I don’t think I watched the Bucks play once after Redd blew out his knee in the middle of last season.

Is david lee a good basketball player or jsut a good fantasy basketball player? he’s another guy who intrigues me but i’m not real sure about.

I think he’s legitimately good, though playing in D’Antoni’s offense gives anyone a fantasy boost. I think he’s a great piece for a great team, but he’s not going to carry you.

Also, blame memphis for screwing up an insanely athletic pistons team featuring tay and josh smith at the 3 and 4. If you don’t recall, he was bickering with atlanta over salary as a restricted FA, signed an offer sheet with the grizz that atlanta was allowed to match and lock him up for good. if the grizz stay out of the fray he takes his one year tender and hits unrestricted FA when the pistons have the cap space during a tough economy to sign him up and get a lot younger and more athletic. i think he would have fit ideally.

You’re going to make Matt cry, he loves Smith.

columnists always mention bosh as a target for the pistons but i just see no reason for the raptors to ever trade him to detroit. even if they fear losing him in free agency next summer they should be able to get a lot more in return for him than whatever the pistons can offer while remaining a contender. I mean what would they accept, like rip, amir and a 1st rounder or something?

I think Kenny might have brought this up before: why were the Raps so bad last year? Why did Chris Bosh let that happen? Can you be considered an elite player if you can’t even get your team to the Eastern playoffs?


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