When she’s right she’s right

Kyley jumps into the debate about aging:

okay, i’m a little late to this conversation, but i’ll comment anyway. i take real issue with the claim that you can’t crash at a friend’s place and you can’t ask them for help when you move.

you should know your friends well enough to know when/if you can crash with them or ask them for help moving, or be able to tell when they are unenthusiastic about such a prospect. and your friends should be mature enough to say no if they don’t want you to stay with them/don’t want to move your shit. that, to me, is a much more significant sign of maturity.

Totally agree. Though by that latter standard, I’m not very mature.


3 Responses to “When she’s right she’s right”

  1. indeedindeed Says:

    an equally weak list, via matt:

  2. Kyley Says:

    i feel all sorts of famous now!

  3. Tyler Says:

    both those lists suck bad. i hate the tone of the first person also…the whole time im reading it im thinking “dont tell me what to do”

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