Down to the core

Via Zach, the new look GM wouldn’t be too pretty:

Read the piece.


4 Responses to “Down to the core”

  1. indeedindeed Says:

    Also via the Freep:

    Congress still has a few days to stop General Motors’ “reckless rush to bankruptcy court” and to to assert its responsibilities to the public, write consumer advocate Ralph Nader and Robert Weissman, editor of Multinational Monitor magazine. It’s “mistaken for the future of GM to rest with a small, largely unaccountable, ad hoc task force made up of a handful of Wall Street expats,” they write.

  2. zachary Says:

    true that nader.

  3. York Roberts Says:

    Sloan, did you hear about the guy from Subtle getting an $18 million settlement from Ford?

  4. indeedindeed Says:

    wow, no, i didn’t. long live dax.

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