A night to forget

Keno on Lebron:

He was not good in the fourth quarter last night. Granted he is getting less help than Dan asks for to finish a 6 pack, but still he wasn’t good. Might have to put the Jordan comparisons to rest for another year or so.

York on Lebron:

worst 39 point game ever?

That was near the end of the fourth, was Lebron was offering up more turnovers than a generous Polish baker. I kept waiting for him to start chewing his fingernails again like old times. What the hell happened? I’ll try to leave some more thoughts in the comments when I can.


2 Responses to “A night to forget”

  1. indeedindeed Says:


  2. zachary Says:

    the problem is you guys think hes jesus. and not in he got game. in the catholic church. jerry would wash his feet with his tears and hair if you could.

    clearly hes no jordan. and this is the problem of saying he is or is comparable 4 years ago.

    the guys a bum.


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