NBA thoughts

Pat in the comments:

Baron, E gordon in his second season, Al thornton, Griffin, Kaman.

I think that’s a really solid starting 5. Obv i have no clue how zach randolph fits into that team, but i like that as a young team trying to get up and down the court, as long as kaman can keep up.

If everyone’s healthy and motivated AND Dunleavy tells Baron to just run every possession, that’s a good lineup. That’s a lot of variables. Also, if Zbo can play on the second unit and just shoot every possession, that might not be horrible.

Is Griffin really 6’10″/6’11”? He always looks smaller than that to me. If he really is, he’s got a super athletic and proportionate body for someone that big.

If i move to california i’m probably going to spend like 200 dolalrs a month on tv so that i can watch all detroit and michigan sports.

For me, the worry is always less about finances and more about how much time I’ll spend with access to every single game. I think I priced it out once and it was about $700 a year for the packages of the four major sports, or about $60 a month. Though I have to remember that I already pay an ungodly amount for my cable.

I like millsap a lot better than maxiell. His upside is far far greater.

I was talking to Kenny about this last night, but has Maxiell gotten any better in his four years in the league? He certainly didn’t seem to improve from the last year to this one. That being said, I love his coming off the bench just for his one highlight reel dunk/block per game. And because I don’t want to have to ditch the jersey.

I don’t want boozer unless its for like 7 mil per season.

I think if you can get Millsap or Boozetown in the ten mil per range, you’re doing pretty well. Though they’ll probably get much more.


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