My kind of commerce

For my Tigers fans living in Chicago:

Buy it

Also the store is so filled with good stuff that I picked out some shirts for individuals:

For Dano.

For Keno.

For Zach.

For my brother.

For Matt. And this.

For Heintz.

I think that about covers the commenters.


6 Responses to “My kind of commerce”

  1. indeedindeed Says:

    Sorry, had this one queued up for Meghan and then forgot to include it:

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    also, i don’t know how interested york would be in a detroit shirt.

  3. broseph Says:

    that flint one is cruel…but completely fitting for who it’s for. i’m surprised he didn’t come up with that design for cafepress or whatever he was doing there for a bit.

  4. Kenny Says:

    Man I was saying for years in college that I wanted to get a tigers tee with B.inge on the back.

    But it would have had to have been customized since I never saw one, and who has the time to make that happen, but that would be a great shirt to wear to a Tiger’s day game and consume a handful of barley pops.

  5. matt Says:

    i love that flint design. i tried to do something like that i think. my skills are limited…you know, since i don’t use a mac.

  6. York Roberts Says:

    Wow thanks Sloan. Thanks.

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