Third is the word

Via Zach, GQ voted Detroit the third best pizza city in America. New York is number one, of course. Homeless guys in Noo Yawk whip up pizzas out of old newspapers in the parks and they somehow turn out better than most of the pie in Boston.

How is Chicago not number two? I love me some deep dish.


7 Responses to “Third is the word”

  1. zachary Says:

    pizza critics dont think of deep dish as an actual pizza. its like pizzas deformed cousin.

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    it’s like pizza’s fat uncle. i’m a big fan.

  3. yorkroberts Says:

    Pizza in Boston is just horrible.
    Except for Regina. But you have to go to one of the two actual locations.

  4. broseph Says:

    pizza papales deserves recognition…but then i looked through the rest of the entries and realized this guy is kind of a weirdo. i guess a lot of food critics are though. for greektown goodness, i definitely would choose them over anybody else. haven’t had the feta at niki’s though. i’d probably enjoy it, feta is a good topping.

  5. Kenny Says:

    I’ve had Niki’s it was damn good.

    Chicago Pizza is overrated because a lot of the places that say they make “Chicago Style” Pizza are just making generic pizza to cater to drunk people. I’ve partaken in a number of those places and while I enjoyed it, it was not exactly groundbreaking stuff.

    I will say if you go to one of the more famous Chicago pizza places like Ginos or Uno, that is some real good pizza.

  6. zachary Says:

    i like some pequods.

  7. Kyley Says:

    now i really want pizza

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