There go the mighty Rangers

I totally forgot about the Tigers yesterday in my Wings euphoria, but the box score is amazing. My twitter commentary from eleven hours ago:

WOW: Dontrelle Willis and the Tigers’ pen combined for a one hit shutout! This is like Dan Brown winning the Nobel Prize in literature.

Seriously, what happened? Did he get in a fight at Lafayette Coney Island where someone broke his arm into pitching gold like the future American Pie kid in Rookie of the Year?


12 Responses to “There go the mighty Rangers”

  1. indeedindeed Says:

    also, the nugs-lakers series might end up being really good.

    simmons made the point on a podcast that watching the nuggs makes you think about how chauncey-melo should have been the nucleus of the pistons for a decade. i know pat relentlessly makes the point that we would’ve gone big with the pick if darko didn’t exist, but if you’ve seen melo emerge in these playoffs with chauncey’s help, imagine what they could have done together with an even better supporting cast (tay, rip, sheed, mcnuggs, etc.)

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    also, the OKC thunder snuck up into the third pick of the nba draft yesterday, behind LAC and memphis.

    LA will probably take griffin. memphis likes what they have in conley, so they’ll probably take thabeet. if that happens, and rubio falls to OKC, they’ll then have rubio (18) at point, russell westbrook (20) at the two, kevin durant (20) at the three, jeff green (22) at the four. that’s a crazy foundation for a team. CRAZY.

    the danger is that memphis deals the pick.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

  4. Kenny Says:

    If they did deal the pick, wouldn’t Thabeet be an outstanding (if older) fit for that team as well?

    He is still really limited offensively, so going to a team like OKC with the best young scorer in the league, and two really good complimentary offensive pieces would be a perfect fit for them. Thabeet could just focus on the rebounding and blocking shots, two things he’s really good at.

    OKC tried to trade for Tyson Chandler last year anyway, this gives them a younger, cheaper version.

  5. Kenny Says:

    And Dontrelle was throwing between 89-94, and a lot of strikes. He looked pretty good. Texas’ only hit was actually in the first inning, when Dontrelle also walked a guy and gave up a prettty deep fly ball. I was mostly watching the Wings but i didn’t see a lot of hard hit balls after that.

    The thing about dontrelle is that he’s only 27! And yes he was god awful last year, and not very good the year before that in Florida. But in 2006, while he only finished 12-12, it was on a bad Florida team, and his ERA was a really solid 3.87. That amount of talent doesn’t just disappear, so maybe he can get his mechanics/ mental issues worked out. They still probably should have waited until he did some of that before signing him to a massive extension though.

  6. indeedindeed Says:

    I don’t know, I’d like to see OKC turn into a Suns/Euro-style run and gun and fun team, and I think Thabeet’s a little plodding.

  7. indeedindeed Says:

    Also, Rubio is REALLY good and fun to watch.

  8. indeedindeed Says:

    On Dontrelle, I know the mental stuff is a big part, but I also think a lot of hitters just figured him out, though his mechanics were so strange that it took a while.

  9. Kenny Says:

    Good Point about the style change being a lot less fun to watch. But in terms of making the team competitive Thabeet could bring a lot to the table for a team that was not good defensively last year.

  10. indeedindeed Says:

    also, i don’t think simmons’ column this week is very persuasive:

  11. Pat Says:

    I thought westbrook was their pg of the future…is he more of a 2 guard? Without having the nba package i’m not sure i ever watched that team play ball….literally were they on national tv once?

    In like 2005 or something i went to a marlins spring training game in west palm beach, florida. they were playing miami, the hurricanes, the college. willis was pitching. miami hit like 3 dongs. not sure if this means anything, since its spring training and all, but those are college kids. (they did get to use their metal bats)

    Can the clips be a suprise team next year adding griffin? If Baron D decides he wants to play the majority of the season they could be a pretty solid team.

  12. Kenny Says:

    I should clarify that I based my view of OKC off of the handful of highlights and the 4 minutes I inadvertently watched in a bar one time before I remembered my vow to boycott.

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