Protect yoself before you wreck yoself

Via Tim Ferriss’ twitter, a blogger’s guide to online defamation law. York’s in trouble.

More joys of twitter, rap style:

Reihan Salam:

@EliLake Me + the mufti kick it Sufi-style/whirl wild like dervishes/+ rap acerbically/perturbing Deobandi jihadis/more neocon than Condi

Eli Lake:

@reihansalam Condi aint a neocon/soft like scowcroft/underboss rick-ross style realist/anti-idealist/freedom lovin neos never feelin it/


5 Responses to “Protect yoself before you wreck yoself”

  1. indeedindeed Says:

    this is pretty cool right? via matt

  2. yorkroberts Says:

    Tim Ferris is a giant choad.

  3. indeedindeed Says:


  4. yorkroberts Says:

    It was a joke based on the above article

  5. indeedindeed Says:

    haha, sorry, i’m out of it.

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