A young Josh Ritter type


This is a murky memory (maybe my dad and I were talking?) but once I was saying how scary it is to want to be a writer when there are so many people who want to be writers. And someone (maybe my dad) said, “there are a lot of writers but the world can always use good writers.”

All that as a way of saying: there are a hundred million people who want to be singer-songwriters but Joe Pug is a good singer and a good songwriter and he’s worth checking out.

Also, this is interesting, from his website:

Friends, Romans, Countrymen…

If you’re insulted by the songs they loop on the radio all day. If you’re
tired of your parents repeating the phrase “music meant something in my day” with baseless contempt. Here’s a chance to do something about it…

I want you to give my music away.

The thing is, there’s no subsidiary of Viacom shoe-horning my latest single onto radio playlists. There’s no carefully worded advertisements assaulting you at the bus-stop. There’s no ringles.

You heard about my music from a friend. Simple as that. Which means you listen to music because of its substance, not its convenience. And that’s precisely why I’m asking for your help.

Think of some likeminded friends who haven’t heard my songs. Then let me know how many sampler CDs I should send you to give to them.

All I need…

Mailing Address
Email Address
How many CDs you want.

Send the requests to nationofheat@gmail.com

Thanks for your interest, thanks for your help…


Two of my least favorite things are packaging and paying postage on records I’m shipping to people, but, in this age of digital media, that’s an interesting business move by an artist.


4 Responses to “A young Josh Ritter type”

  1. zachary Says:

    the cd is pretty solid.

  2. Meghan Says:

    Thanks for the CAPS.

    Ya, it worked too – I gave him my info and got 4 cd’s in the mail. Then I went to see him in concert. Pretty cool.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    it’d be funny (except for the fact that you are one of his “fans”) if he didn’t even like music and this was just a super elaborate way to get the e-mails and addresses of women.

  4. Meghan Says:

    funny and effective

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