The story of the season

Me, to Ben, a Twins fan:

Your Twins managed to survive the eight digit buzzsaw that is Dontrelle Willis! If we score ten runs in support of Verlander, I strongly suspect we’ll win.

Ben, a Twins fan:

I think no matter what Verlander does, unless Baker pitches eight strong innings, the Tigers will win this afternoon. The suckfest that is the Twins bullpen is all pitched out from last night.

Ken, a Tigers fan:

Verlander is absolutely on fire. 5 IP 0 ER 11k so far today

Ben, a Twins fan:

I had not considered that the Detroit bullpen was almost as big a suckfest as the Minnesota bullpen.


One Response to “The story of the season”

  1. indeedindeed Says:


    Tough call on Verlander. I would tend to trust Leyland’s judgment. I would think it had as much to do with there being two on and one out as the pitch count. Still, the dude did have thirteen K’s. He’s got as much chance as anybody to get out of the jam. Verlander strikes me as a Nolan Ryan type who would be able to throw more pitches too. I dunno. Bert Blyleven who does TV for the Twins absolutely hates the pitch count, thinks it’s complete bs. Jack Morris, too, though he’s a little less vocal about it. I think there’s probably something to keeping guys healthy over the whole season.

    Either way an unfortunate implosion for the los Tigres, the type of which Twins fans have grown accustomed since the end of last season.

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