Guess who’s back

Back for real. This is the kind of (superdark, revelatory, painful) Eminem single I’ve been waiting for over his years of trials and self-exile:

Big interview in the Metro Times:

EMINEM: Yeah! I’m mean, like, how can I save hip-hop? Hip-hop hasn’t gone anywhere! [laughs] I mean, you know. Hip hop is hip hop. I don’t know. I certainly wouldn’t want the pressure of trying to be a hip-hop savior or anything like that. I’m just now back at a point where I’m having fun again with rap. You know what I mean? Because for a few years there, I kinda lost my way in that sense. I kinda forgot how to have fun with it. And I’m just now learning how to do that again. So I am having fun with writing songs and recording and shit like that. I’m having fun again with music so, yeah, but I’m not out to save it. …


One Response to “Guess who’s back”

  1. zachary Says:

    hell be in jimmy kimmel on friday with 200 unemployed UAW workers. ill be watching.

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