About last night


You weren’t wearing your new jersey. This loss is on you.

And I wasn’t. And it is.

Is there anything as excruciating as a NHL game seven? Hockey is so fluid and unpredictable. If the Wings don’t score three quick ones in the first period someone better duct tape Zach to his bar stool.

In happier news, I could not get over how much Brian Scalabrine looked like Michael Rappaport last night (check my evidence here, along with Scola’s lookalike.) I have to give credit to the Celtics for continuing to win ballgames, but the Magic are horrible. I think it’s largely personnel, but Stan Fat Gundy does not have them executing anything. In the climactic moments: Rafer throws the worst alley oop ever? Hedo tries to turn back the clock ten years and dribble penetrate? Down three and you’re inbounding the ball to the worst free throw shooter on your team? I honestly think that the 2009 Pistons would have battled these Magic. They’re terrible.

Can we get Yao ready for game six? Just kidding.

Looking forward: Dontrelle Whachutalkinbout Willis toes the rubber tonight and I feel strangely optimistic about it.

Also, if you haven’t read the new low heat expose—he chews tobacco! cries! has sex!—of Phelps (here, but please note there’s a NSFW image of the stripper/source for the piece), don’t bother. The most damning parts:

“He was losing his muscles and got into online poker. He’d just pretty much play that all the time. He gambled a lot for money. One of his goals is to be a poker champ.”

Then he sent me about 15 messages in 10 minutes asking when I was arriving. He had three friends there, all playing poker online on their laptops.


5 Responses to “About last night”

  1. yorkroberts Says:

    I would normally say that the Celtics have been lucky with the late game breakdowns the last two games…but it really isn’t luck…the Magic simply cannot close out a game. It really is depressing. They were up 12 with like 5 minutes left! All they had to do was play a little defense and hold the ball for a 24 second violation on every posession for the rest of the game and they would have probably won by 4.

    In all honesty, I’m pretty sure if the Celtics played the Magic in Round 1, it would be a 4 or 5 game series. The Celtics lack of goodness is mostly due to exhaustion at this point. There isn’t exactly a lot of depth coming off that bench and Pierce, Rondo and Allen all average 42+ minutes each playoff game not to mention the 7 OTs.

    If the Celtics win this series, I’d be more than impressed if they take 1 from the Cavs. The only way the Cavs lose more than 1 game to the Celtics is if they massively underestimate them and get cocky and mentally fall asleep. I don’t see that happening seeing that the Celts burned them last season…but who knows.

  2. zachary Says:

    he had three friends there all playing poker on their laptops? interesting. can we call reese on this one?

    you cant mention the magic coach and climactic in the same sentence. he is ron jeremy.

    game 7. thursday 7 p.m. est. there were some bad calls against us in that one. the fight at the end was fun. nice elbow to the head neidermeyere you cheap shot giving prick. i hope he blows out his knee and never walks again.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    yeah, rondo and pierce seem to be hitting the wall a little bit, they’ve been doing everything for so long.

    i’ve said this all along, but you’re paying dwight and rashard and turkeyleg so much money, and none of them can create their own shot whatsoever.

  4. yorkroberts Says:

    Something elsethat nobody seems to want to admit:

    In spite of how much the NBA pimps Dwight Howard’s personality, he really doesn’t have a killer instinct that can close out a series at all.

    He plays a great game here and there. He did it a couple times in the playoffs last year and I know that statistically he blocks a lot of shots and he’s gonna get 15 rebounds a night…

    But Kendrick Perkins absolutely OWNS him.

    Again, Dwight will get a shitload of rebounds (because no one else on that team rebounds…especially when they play Rashard Lewis at PF) and he’ll crowd the paint, but Hakeem Olajuwan he is not.

    I just don’t think that Howard is mentally tough enough yet. I know he’s still young and I’m not gonna tag him with the “he doesn’t show up when it matters” tag or anything, but he really doesn’t carry that team or close out games like a top tier player does.

    Which is funny because Ray Allen absolutely does this and nobody really considers him a top tier player. He even had a big deflection on defense with like a minute left last night. Last night Ray was cold as ice and he hit that 3 that put the Celtics ahead. It was one of his only decent shots all night…it’s unreal.

  5. indeedindeed Says:

    Yeah, I think Dwight Howard’s absolute ceiling is David Robinson/Patrick Ewing. Which isn’t bad obviously. But, as much as I say we overvalue scorers, the ultimate point of basketball IS to score more than the other team, and great teams need a guy who can get that basketball when the chips are down.

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