Let’s buy our way out of this

I’m conflicted on Toms shoes.


13 Responses to “Let’s buy our way out of this”

  1. zachary Says:

    those look really uncomfortable

  2. yorkroberts Says:

    They’re actually reall comfortable. Believe it or not. They’re like beach shoes basically.

    I don’t know what you could have against a corporation that is for profit also giving back in a pretty big way.

    Shit, Nike could easily afford to do 1 for 1 and everyone on earth would have shoes. But they don’t.

    Plus most people are much more inclined to be charitable when they get something in return. I own a pair of Tom’s because I needed some Summer shoes to wear with shorts…I don’t feel like I’ve saved the World because I spent $40 on shoes, but I bought them instead of say Addidas sandals and it has had no negative impact on anything.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    I think the theoretical negative impact comes in when theoretical people think, “Well, I bought the shoes/Prius/Whole Foods grocery bag, so I’ve done enough.” Or I screenprint my band shirts on American Apparel so I’ve addressed world injustice.

    Had you ever heard before that shoelessness is a major problem facing the underdeveloped world? I’m not doubting that it is, but it doesn’t seem like the MOST urgent thing, and I worry that these kinds of things can create a feeling of complacency. But I haven’t thought enough about any of this to come to any actual positions.

  4. indeedindeed Says:

    Also, is it Tom’s or Toms or TOMS? The guy who started it is Blake.

  5. yorkroberts Says:

    The way I see, most people actually don’t give a shit about anything but themselves anyway so even misguided attempts at giving back are better than nothing.

    I think it is TOMS.

    And the way they explain it is that in South America poor kids without shoes and clothes can’t go to school, so by giving kids shoes, they can go the schools down there. and generally, having shoes makes for healthier life, I’m sure, as you are less prone to infection related to walking barefoot everywhere at the very least.

  6. yorkroberts Says:

    I don’t know Sloan. I think being contraian is all well and good, but all of the things you listed, driving a prius, using recyclable grocery bags, buying shoes from a charitable company…doing any of those things is in no way negative. Doing any one of them does nothign but ultimately help something in some way (even if it is something very small).

    This isn’t an attack on you but I feel like there is a certain level of eliteism going around related to being ‘green’ and/or doing environmental or charitable things.

    I know that being environmentally friendly and aware of cultural issues is sort of like the cool thing to be right now and I understand that a lot of people are half-hearted about it.

    But ultimately even the ones who don’t actually care that much or who only do a small thign here or there are still helping in some way.

    And I know it’s annoying when people do the “well, I drive a Prius so I don’t have to care about Genocide” thing or the “I drive a Prius so I’m more socially aware than everyone who doesn’t” thing.

    However annoying those people may be, they’re still ultimately being helpful in some small way while billions of people are not helpful to anything in any way whatsoever.

    I agree that being somewhat socially aware should be a responsibility of those who know better…

    But what’s the point in criticizing anything other people are doing that will ultimately have a positive impact in some (perhaps tiny) way?

  7. indeedindeed Says:

    i didn’t criticize anyone or make any negative comment of any kind, i said i’m conflicted. zach did say the shoes look uncomfortable, but i don’t endorse that comment.

  8. indeedindeed Says:

    this isn’t a great avenue for discussing my concerns about compassionate capitalism and related issues, but i will just say that it always raises a red flag for me when companies describe themselves as “movements.”

    that being said, giving shoes to kids who need shoes is a good thing, i’m not complaining about that whatsoever. i don’t run up to people who are about to give money to beggars and say, “perhaps your investment might be made more wisely to this other fellow two blocks away.”

  9. yorkroberts Says:

    I can understand your concern. I don’t mean to single you out and say that this is something that you do even it just seems like a fairly prominent attitude among people our age these days who were socially aware waaaaay before socially aware signed to a major label and sold out.

  10. indeedindeed Says:

    I was shopping at American Apparel before there was even American Apparel, it was just one guy and a mustache and a dream. He didn’t even have clothes to sell, he was just a guy I knew. And I told him, nice shirt. And then he started selling shirts like that.

  11. broseph Says:

    i’m just going to exclude myself, as i am 100% enveloped in the lifestyle that the two of you are talking about. the super vegan buy in bulk reuse everything til you are rewashing plastic bags type cooperative living. i think it’s a good way to do things, but it’s not for everybody. nobody real bags on you for not being vegan, or freegan, or living in a tree. that’s ultimately where you want to end up though. a tree in hawaii.

  12. broseph Says:

    ann arbor after hours is an embarrassment of discarded riches. capitalism really does you a solid there.

  13. zachary Says:

    at least im not the only person that washes zip lock bags.

    but seriously. those shoes do not look comfortable at all. i guess id have to try them.

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