Chauncey Bing (Chandler’s brother)

ESPN OTL has big pieces out recently on Dave Bing and Chauncey Billups, neither of which I’ve read yet. I’ll comment after I do.

Meghan on Chauncey a couple weeks ago:

Ya ya, I hear you on Chauncey. Were you watching last night? The commentators went on this annoying spiel (paraphrasing from memory here) calling him “Commander in Chief” of the team. But then they added, “also, weapons specialist!” and then “wait, what about minister of defense!” Really? I don’t think he’s an entire bureaucratic arsenal wherever he is playing. I liked him at Detroit, when we were good, because he was capable of blending with the rest of the guys. I never had a favorite in that starting five. But weapons specialist? I just think of all of those missed threes. Just brings unpleasant thoughts of Chauncey in league with the Bush administration.

Also, two quick NBA thoughts:

1. I hate intentional fouling, it’s not basketball. It can absolutely be the smart play within the existing rules, but it’s against the nature of what should always be a free-flowing game. So that non-call in game three of the Dallas-Denver series that led to Carmelo’s dagger (he’s ruthless) was more than okay by me.

2. It’s crazy how star-obsessed the NBA commentators (at least on TV) are. After the Rockets obliterated the Lakers without Yao and TMac, people like Jon Barry, Wilbon, Magic, etc. were going off about how ridiculous it is that the best of the west would get challenged by a squad missing its “two best players.” I didn’t hear anyone acknowledge the fact that the Rockets’ might be a better team (or at least a better matchup against the Lakers) without Yao on the court. Yao’s talented offensively, but he’s got the lateral mobility of Kenny after a pizza and a twelve pack. Also, I don’t think this is Yao’s fault, but the Rockets’ ball movement in game four was textbook perfect, the best I’ve seen in the playoffs. Aside from RonRon, everyone was taking good shots. That’s a really interesting team.


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  1. Kenny Says:

    Is Adelman the best “coach never to win a title?”. Those Sacremento teams he coached were really fun to watch offensively. They scored a bunch of points without being Suns like in their tempo. Granted they had a lot of good players too. But Adelman is doing a really good job with this Houston team.

    I am with you on how star centric the NBA is. But Houston is built a lot like the pistons used to be, only with less “star power” given the current injuries. But Artest and Battier are really good defenders, Scola is really solid, I always thought Kyle Lowery would be a legit starter. Aaron Brooks, that one I can’t say I would have predicted. But they play together and they play good defense.

  2. indeedindeed Says:

    And Chuck Hayes and Carl Landry are legitimate NBA big men, and better defensively than Yao by a mile.

    I think Cowherd was screaming about how Bynum should have been salivating about Yao being out of the lineup, so he could dominate the paint. Which makes no sense. Yao is one of the few players Bynum is quicker than right now (he looks totally off.)

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    Ehhh, I don’t know about Adelman. I never thought Sacto screamed “well coached” to me, even when they were really good and really fun to watch. He’s definitely adapted to the Rockets’ ever-changing personnel well this year and he seems willing to mix it up more than most NBA guys.

    There are so few coaches that have actually won NBA titles: Phil, Red, Pop, Riley and whoever coached the Jerry West’s Lakers’ teams have won the huge majority of all the titles. Plus two-time guys like Chuck Daly and Bill Russell and Rudy Tomjohn.

    I’d probably have to show some love for Jerry Sloan. No explanation necessary. Lenny Wilkens ever win?

  4. Pat Says:

    Jerry your hatred for Yao’s game runs deep.

    The rockets cannot and will not win this series without Yao and thats why the analysts were correct in their thinking. I understand your argument that yao is a liability defensively and while i think his lack of quickness may hurt him against some players i think his offensive game and rebounding and ability to demand double teams and shot blocking ability all far outweigh the fact that a few quicker guys can make him look slow during a game. You are being silly.

  5. Pat Says:

    Also, both the Bing and Chauncey articles are very good reads. Now that Bing is elected we’ll see if he can actually make any difference for Detroit.

    The Chauncey article shows Joe D and the pistons staff to be pretty cold in their handling of the Billups trade and shows Rip Hamilton to be an extremely outwardly emotional man. I remember reading all the time about how close the relationship was between Joe D and Chauncey and i have a hard time believing that Joe never sat down and discussed the deal with Billups. The article really takes a tone of trying to make out Joe for being some sort of villain or something but if he in fact didn’t chat with chauncey i think that’s rather disapointing.

  6. indeedindeed Says:

    What was silly about any of that?

    The Lakers are by the far the most talented team in the NBA, agreed. Way way way more talented than the Rockets. And talent tends to win out in a seven game series.

    But I never said the Rockets would win the series or even another game. But that was the best game they’ve played so far and that might be the best style of basketball to beat the Lakers. They won that game BECAUSE of Yao’s absence, not IN SPITE OF Yao’s absence, I do believe that.

    That doesn’t mean I’m saying that they should bench Yao for the rest of his contract, but I do think that an injury can sometimes make it easier for teams to justify doing something they should have done anyway (like the Rockets going small/defensive against this Lakeshow team, or the Stones benching Ivo.)

    What’s always frustrating to me about TV analysts is how obsessed they are with scorers. Which, in the NBA, is the same thing as stars. So instead of analyzing why the Rockets won, they were just saying, “And all of this without Yao! Did you know Yao was missing! Yao! He’s tall and famous! And don’t get me started on T-Mac being out!” We got it.

    The NBA analyst gets to watch more basketball than us, so they should try to explain what happened in the game. Why are the Rockets 4 and 0 against the Lakers when Yao doesn’t play? Why have they been better the last two years once T-Mac has gotten hurt? The stars angle is interesting to the personal who hasn’t tuned in since 2002, but break it down a little further, that’s all I’m asking for.

  7. indeedindeed Says:

    got distracted, read another OTL piece: very interesting:

  8. indeedindeed Says:

    on the dave bing piece: did not know “Coups d’etat” was the correct plural.

  9. indeedindeed Says:

    the chauncey article is good but very long, i don’t like to read pieces that long online. some of the best writing i’ve ever read on though, that guy (tom friend i think) should do more pieces for them.

    one problem: did dumars refuse to be interviewed or something? they do not make him look good.

  10. indeedindeed Says:

    also, the article is worth it if only for the picture of him with the super high-top fade.

  11. yorkroberts Says:

    I do agree with Sloan about the matchup to a certain extent. Forcing the Lakers to run a lot and playing more uptempo is definitely a bigger advantage than say, holding the ball for 22 seconds a posession. Not that the Rockets always did this, but I never felt like their D was good enough to beat the Lakers head on. The Lakers just are too quick offensively with too much depth and too many weapons.

    Houston’s got some wiggle room offensively to get more looks if/when they play small ball and play it quickly.

    Which isn’t to say that the Lakers are even going to lose again. I feel like if the Lakers benched all their beg men and played small against the Rockets, they’d probably kick their ass…especially since the Rockets have limited options otherwise…

  12. Kenny Says:

    Yea i went to far with Adelman. But I do think he’s done a good job with the rockets. Sloan would be the obvious choice.

    Agree with what has been said regarding the Chauncey piece. I don’t like the implication that the Pistons would have won the title had they not made the deal. There is no reason to think the Pistons would have beaten Cleveland with Chauncey at the helm, especially considering the injuries to RIP and Sheed in the regular season, and the clear erosion of sheed’s skills. Granted, we might have lost to them in 5 or 6 games instead of 4, and it might have been in the conference finals instead.

    Maybe the real error Joe made wasn’t in trading for AI but in the player he gave up. Would Denver have made that deal with RIP in place of Chauncey, or RIP and Tay in place of Chauncey and McDyess? The way the season has played out, and the article sort of hints at it too, is that rip and sheed really lost direction without chauncey aroudn to keep them in check.

  13. zachary Says:

    tmac has still to win a first round series.

    “it feels good to be in the second round”… – tracy mcgrady

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