Not surprising, not fair

York, over at his crib, says he stopped caring about PEDs “months ago,” before Manny.

Of course these guys are all on PEDs. Why wouldn’t they be? If you trained your whole life to be as good as you could possibly be at something and got to your peak and saw there were still people better than you, wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to catch up to them or surpass them?

I’ve said this before, but there are two things we need to think about separately: 1. whether performance-enhancing drugs should be illegal/which ones should be illegal and 2. who was using them when they were illegal but widespread. It simply can’t be true that everyone was using them. If everyone had been using them, then they truly didn’t matter in a baseball sense, because it wouldn’t have actually been cheating. The rules would have been changing, but in equal measure. Steroids matter because of the players who were following the written rules and not taking them.

Then York goes flying off into space:

Clearly NFL players are ALL on roids. NBA players juice (LeBron James is suddenly the most muscular/fastest guy on the court every night?), NHL players blood dope and juice, soccer players blood dope and juice, cyclists blood dope and juice, horses are all injected with god know what, most writers do speed, 50-75% of Hollywood has a drug or alcohol problem, the Oscars are fixed every year, Biggie’s murder was a cover up by gangs and police working in unison, hardly any young people pay for music anymore and if they did The Shins, Arcade Fire, The Postal Service, Brand New and about 1,000 other bands would all have records that would have gone 5-10 times platinum, SNL has been running on fumes for the last 6 seasons…I could go on for weeks.

Everyone overlooks all of this. In spite of all of the blatant evidence to the contrary people just choose not to give a shit.

There are a lot of issues where we as a society don’t want to know the true nature of what’s going on (like about where our food comes from, for example) but what blatant evidence is there for any of the stuff listed there? And what does SNL sucking and illegal downloading (not exactly state secrets) have to do with Manny?

Also, when wasn’t Lebron muscular and fast?


4 Responses to “Not surprising, not fair”

  1. yorkroberts Says:

    You quoted one long block of text without the preface.

    The main points of my post was that glorifying un-realistic displays of talent and then demonizing the un-realistic part is fucked up, it might not be fair to cheat but when nobody cares until later (the league certainly only cares after the fact) and it is so widespread is it actually even cheating anymore?, there is a lot of shit that people choose to ignore for whatever reason and then act shocked and horrified about when the truth is revealed.

    My ultimate point was that, I didn’t get any joy out of seeign A-Rod crucified. And I feel like he’s probably a shitty guy and he plays for the team that the team I love hates. Still, I didn’t enjoy it one bit because I always felt like he probably was juicing to some degree and I don’t understand why that had to be such a horrifying revelation to everyone that resulted in every major media network calling his character into question.

    As I said above, I feel like he’s probably a shitty guy, but who am I to go on TV and act like he’s “RUINING THE SANCTITY OF BASEBALL AND RUINING THE LIVES OF CHILDREN EVERYWHERE” when in realty he’s a fucking entertainer just like everyone else in every professional sport.

    That’s the type of thing that makes me sick.

    If all of these sports accomplishments weren’t as built up as they are, would the steroids matter as much?

    Shit, I’d be fine if MLB just decided to call off all rules and require everyone to juice up. It’s all about entertainment anyway and if the fans want to see 300 K’s and 75 HRs a season from players, this is an easy way to allow that to happen.

    The long tangent above are things that I feel and suspect are true and I get no more enjoyment out of feeling that way than I would if I chose to ignore them…but on the same token, feeling that way about the above things and suspecting them to be true is in no way ruining my life.

    I suggest at the end of my post to be cautious and not to take everything at face value. I won’t. And it won’t give me any pleasure to demonize LeBron if he is ever caught with a case of PEDs.

  2. yorkroberts Says:

    Dwight Howard is on the Juice too.

  3. yorkroberts Says:

    this is the most important part of it:

    Alex Rodriguez became everything every baseball fan in the World wanted. You wanted a superhuman baseball crushing machine. You wanted a monster capable of things that humans aren’t (or presumably aren’t) capable of.

    Well, congratulations. You bought into it with everyone else. Sports entertainment fooled you. It fooled everyone. You looked the other way. I looked the other way. We accepted the unbelievable as true and ultimately all feel like idiots and as a result are anxious to crucify the perpetrators.

  4. indeedindeed Says:

    Yeah, I agree with your first comment here, and with most of the stuff in the post, and I brought up what I didn’t agree with. But I don’t think I took it out of any necessary context.

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