25 for 25

From my facebook:

Goals for 25 (from least difficult to most): go horseback riding, visit a non-Canada foreign country, dunk a basketball, get a book deal, check facebook less often.


Becoming Joe D’s assistant and convincing him to resign your favorite player isn’t on there? As for the other ones, horseback riding is easy even if you have no idea what you are doing, you probably won’t have to work that hard to find somebody to go to mexico with you, dunking????, you have to finish you book before they give you a deal, the facebook one, well at least you have ‘less” in there as a qualifier.

Resigning Ivo to my beloved Stones isn’t a good idea. Though it’d be fun to take an irrelevant team (like the Magic) and totally construct a squad around Ivo’s whims.

With horseback riding, I feel like I’ve dropped so much money on the ponies over the year that I need to at least get some enjoyment in return.

Regarding the book, I was going to say “finish the book” as my goal, but it’s 99% done, so that felt like shooting a little low. Soon I’ll have to rewrite the whole thing, which will be a horrible experience. Then I’ll show it to people and try to get an agent.

Some more goals for this year of earthly living: see the Lions win a game, go to Vegas, run a marathon, convince Matt to call off his marriage (just kidding), bowl more often, visit Nova Scotia, play a round of golf with less than ten balls, read less online, buy a Kindle, visit New Orleans, listen to more J Dilla, go to more live concerts, make it to 26.

I was going to shoot for 25 goals, but there’s really not that much stuff I want to do besides write more and better and hang out with my peoples as much as possible.


One Response to “25 for 25”

  1. Dano Says:

    Knock all five of the original ones out at once…
    Go to Negril, Jamaica
    Ride horses for $20 every morning there on the beach
    The internet is hard to find there so you won’t check Facebook
    Without Facebook and blogging you will be inspired to finish your book and get a deal

    Sorry I guess not all 5… I’ve seen you jump before.

    Happy B’Day Sloan

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