Fair enough

The Michigander got kicked off American Idol last night, and it was probably the right time. He’s a good singer and seems to be a nice guy, but you have to be really versatile or 15 to go all the way.

One criticism: enough with the hats already. And this coming from someone who wears real hats constantly:

No one can pull this off unless they’re slinging newspapers for a living.

I’ve seen this hat attempted 4,000 times, and it’s failed 3,999 times (three or four times by yours truly.) The only one who can do it and do it right is the mighty Mos.


2 Responses to “Fair enough”

  1. reese Says:

    represent represent

  2. matt Says:

    no mention of the giant boil on his forehead. how are you allotted so much time in High Def? I know him and granmole both represent the state, maybe the dermatologists can replace the autoworkers.

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