Byron should have been fired at half

I’m still reeling from the franchise-destroying beatdown that Denver put on New Orleans in New Orleans two days ago. I have to work late every day this week, so I watched about five minutes on DVR before projectile vomiting and destroying my laptop. At least it made me feel better because the Pistons are no longer the most dissapointing team of the NBA playoffs.

Meghan on Chauncey (pre-beatdown):

Ya ya, I hear you on Chauncey. Were you watching last night? The commentators went on this annoying spiel (paraphrasing from memory here) calling him “Commander in Chief” of the team. But then they added, “also, weapons specialist!” and then “wait, what about minister of defense!” Really? I don’t think he’s an entire bureaucratic arsenal wherever he is playing. I liked him at Detroit, when we were good, because he was capable of blending with the rest of the guys. I never had a favorite in that starting five. But weapons specialist? I just think of all of those missed threes. Just brings unpleasant thoughts of Chauncey in league with the Bush admin.


One Response to “Byron should have been fired at half”

  1. indeedindeed Says:

    apologies to anyone who read this post in its first (incomprehensible) version.

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