War between siblings: equally aged and sized siblings


A Michigan loss to many spartan fans is sometimes greater than an MSU win.

I know some Michigan fans who felt that way about Ohio State last year.

One of my favorites, the wearing of tshirts and chanting about Appalachain St during a game in which MSU lost to Michigan. I just don’t get it.

Well, you make the call to wear the shirt before the game starts. It’s not like you rip up a shirt during a game because your team starts struggling.

Speaking of that, wasn’t Tyler wearing a Little Brother shirt during the State game where Little Brother won? I could be wrong, I don’t follow his attire patterns super closely.

Sure, sparty was able to win their once a decade game during michigan’s worst season ever and they may even get another this year but the balance in the state has not shifted and michigan will be hanging 50 on the lil bro’s before too long.

To be fair, while i think john beilein will turn the michigan hoops team into a fairly consistent tourney team, i don’t think he can be consistently competitive with the spartans unless some drastic changes take place on the recruiting front. While his classes seem to be better than they were at WVU he still is a long ways behind izzo in the talent department. This is a very similar situation to football. While recruiting class rankings do not predict who will win the national championship (in any sport) they do predict who won’t. And right now the won’t category includes michigan for basketball and msu for football.


5 Responses to “War between siblings: equally aged and sized siblings”

  1. zachary Says:

    and michigan for football. nice brain.

    but not msu for bball whoooooooo!!!. so suck on them.

  2. zachary Says:

    i really hate you also. im painting your room green.

  3. Kenny Says:

    You guys do get worked up about the shirt thing. Was it Tyler or Robby that used to get very upset about the “Henne rhymes with douchebag” shirts/signs. I love that side of college football. Who cares if it doesn’t make sense, it’s funny. My all time favorite Gameday signs are one back in 2005 (After Kanye’s comments on Hurrican katrina), Some guy had a sign that said “George Bush does not care about Florida State”, that shit cracked me up. Another sign at a Penn State/OSU game “AJ Hawk plays with my little ponies.” Maybe I’m the only person who thinks these are clever but I enjoy them.

    And maybe Pat isn’t obnoxious about cheering for whoever State is playing but there are plenty of UM fans who are. When UM last came to EL for football the game fell a day or two after our basketball team lost an exhibition game to Grand Valley, and I heard a lot about it from various UM fans at tailgate.

    It’s a rivalry (Even if UM people sometimes claim that it isn’t) there will always be some of that.

  4. Pat Says:

    Some clarifications, tyler was wearing a little brother tshirt. The tshirt makes some sesne being that michigan had just won 8 straight over the sparties.

    The Henne rhymes with douchebag shirts were funny, if for no other reason than state fans aren’t creative enough to figure out how to make a tshirt that actually rhymes. And yes kenny, robby would get weirdly upset about that shirt.

    My point about appy st wasn’t that tshirts are bad or aren’t funny, my point is that if you’re a state fan you should probably try to get your own victory to celebrate, instead of celebrating when michigan fails. It doesn’t make state any greater that michigan lost to appalachain state, it actually makes them look much WORSE for losing to michigan.

    And sure, there are fans of all teams that always root against their rivals but overall michigan fan’s mentality about state is that they don’t really care. Its more embarrassing if we lose, its not overly satisfying to win. With regards to state, i don’t understand the obsession with michigan. And that brings us to the little brother mentality. It means far more to them than it does to us.

    Hate all you want zach, everything i said is true.

  5. reese Says:

    this is tyler. i was going to say exactly what pat said yesterday but didnt want to do it on my phone. if state people wear a shirt bragging about their victory from last year then so be it….i don’t care at all because they are bragging about their school beating another school.

    but wearing an appy st shirt is no different from wearing an OSU shirt if youre a state fan…like sweet one. should i start wearing hansbrough jerseys around the msu campus? …because its pretty much the same thing. (and yes kenny I know you saw some people wearing U of M shirts and UNC hats at the title game…I think thats dumb unless they went to both schools or something)

    the henne rhymes with douchebag shirt didnt bother me…i dont think its clever, but it didn’t bother me at all.

    state fans get way more pleasure out of a U of M loss than UM fans do out of a state loss. yeah, there are some UM fans that are exceptions but i would bet they have no affiliation with U of M. most U of M students care most about us doing well and thats it.

    “I know some Michigan fans who felt that way about Ohio State last year.”

    –thats very surprising to me. I don’t know anyone who attended U of M that gets more pleasure out of an OSU loss than a U of M win.

    also…last year when it was in MSU’s best interest for UM to beat OSU and dantonio refused to root for michigan in that game…I think thats really dumb. If OSU or MSU or whoever needed to win to help U of M I would definitely root for them…and I think the majority of U of M fans/students/alum would too because our success is way way more important than watching our rivals lose to other teams

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