The only problem with warm weather

Crowded subway trains are already the bane of urban existence, but crowded and irrationally hot (it’s 60 outside, why is it 80 in here???) trains are a hundred times worse.


3 Responses to “The only problem with warm weather”

  1. zachary Says:

    when its warm out and raining. o god. the el becomes a sauna. the windows start forming condensation on the inside. . its awful.

  2. York Roberts Says:

    As I recall even when it is -1 out sometimes the Green Line is sooo fucking hot I can’t wait to get outside so I can breathe normally and not be sweating. Them trains is like a Saves The Day concert circa 2002.

  3. Kyley Says:

    Park Street is the worst, but I actually might hate it more when it is cold out, because you have your heavy winter coat on and then, bam, it’s a billion degrees–made worse by said heavy winter coat.

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