Forty days, forty games!

The beloved but nearly unwatchable Pistons have sucked a lot of joy out of the playoffs for me, but here’s some assorted thoughts anyway. It’s really been a great first three days.

—Dwight Howard is the least intimidating star in the playoffs. Despite his freakish size and athleticism, he’s just not able to dictate anything on the offense end, and his free throw shooting is so bad that you don’t want the ball anywhere near him at the end of games. Jameer Nelson was really their only inside scorer, unfortunately he’s 5’8 and injured. As bad as this season’s Pistons are, I think we could have beaten the Magic in a series.

—Rondo is good. It pains me how good he is. Thankfully he’s probably the greatest American flop artist yet, and therefore very easy for opposing fans to dislike. He must have studied abroad during summers away from UKentucky or something.

—I’m really tired of people talking about how good Mo Williams is. There are a lot of people who can hit wide–wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide–open shots all day long. I’m not one of them, but there are many. Mo is basically an older Boobie Gibson in my mind. None of this is to say he’s bad or anything, but I’m tired of hearing people talk about how significant that addition was. Lebron would make Kenny look like Ray Allen.

—It’s amazing how “lucky” Chicago got with the DRose pick (Stern probably rigged it to engineer the LA-Chicago-NYK-Boston beast that will rule the NBA for the next ten years.) They’ve had more ups and downs over the past ten years than Oprah’s weight (speaking of which, that joke is ten years old.)

—I wonder what Darko is doing right now.

—Could this season’s Pistons have beaten the KG-less Celtics? Before the series started, I said no. Not so sure anymore. It’s really a testament to what KG does on the defensive end to see guys like Jo Noah and Brad Miller dominating down low. Though I guess Vinny Del Negro has gotten around to teaching the whole boxing out thing. Maybe next season.

—I watch A LOT of NBA basketball. But if you had bet me a thousand dollars I couldn’t tell you what team Donyell Marshall was on before he dominated game one of the Philly-Orlando series, I would be broke.

—Remember when Hinrich seemed like a guy who would start at point for a good team? What happened there? Remember when Mateen got serious burn for the Pistons? Why does this happen at point guard sometimes? Does it take a while for opposing teams to realize these guys aren’t good?

—You know who the Spurs could use right now? The Rockets’ Luis Scola. Who they gave up for two million dollars or something and who gives you 13-10 every night on 50% from the field in 30 minutes.

—Quick picks for tonight: I have no idea. I think the Stones will probably lose. Lebron and the Cav fans do not like losing at home and I don’t blame them. The Trailbleezos definitely need to win, but I hate this matchup for them. I think the NBA aficionados who fell in love with Portland (and who all seem to live in Portland) forgot how good Battier and Artest defend the perimeter. I hope Utah can steal one in LA tonight and make Kobe work, because I think on paper the Jazz are tougher for LA than either Portland or Houston.


3 Responses to “Forty days, forty games!”

  1. Kenny Says:

    I agree with pretty much all of that. The pistons are really hard to watch. The pistons might win game 3 at home, but I’d be surprised to see this series go past 5 games.

    If Chauncey was our starting pg we could probably take them to game 6. Of course it would be in the conference finals instead of the first round, but whatever. I’m getting excited to start looking at who we can grab with the 15th pick, and what happens with Free Agency.

  2. Pat Says:

    I’m not sure hinrich still can’t be a starting pg on a quality team. He was injured much of the year and when he came back he was getting the bulk of the late game minutes for the bulls and management stepped in and told vinny del got it to never put derrick rose on the bench in crunch time. Anyways, he can defend, distribute and shoot. I think he’d start for at least a quarter of the teams in the nba.

    I didn’t watch game one for the pistons because i was busy jumping out of an air plane on saturday but i’ll be sure to watch tonight and share some thoughts.

  3. indeedindeed Says:

    Yeah, that’s a good point. And I think it’s definitely hard for point guards who aren’t starting to come in and assert themselves off the bench and get into the flow of the offense. It takes a Lindsay Hunter type vet to come in and do that.

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