Let’s slow it down peoples

Are we convinced KG won’t be playing? Are we going to steal a game from BronBron?

It would totally redeem the season for me if we could steal game one in Cleveland. That’s all I need. Sheed, can you bring out the heart for one monster game? Just one?


7 Responses to “Let’s slow it down peoples”

  1. Kenny Says:

    It would not redeem the season for me. Especially since with the injury to KG we should have had a chance to lay claim to being the second best team in the conference. And a much easier road to the conference finals.

    Granted they had a lot of injury issues the last two months of the year, but we just went from a 59 win team to a 39 win team. Which is rediculous to think about.

    To be honest I hadn’t really thought much about the pistons lately. I was more focused on the Spartans tournament run. But I tried to watch them the last few games and it was painful. What the hell happened?

  2. York Roberts Says:

    The Celtics are still better than 90% of the NBA right now without KG playing.

    But the 07-08 Pistons Easily would have smoked this Celtics team.

    I don’t think there is any chance KG plays unless he really wants to risk major surgery needs (unless he already needs major surgery). But who knows. He’s insane.

    Either way, the Celtics played incredibly well last year without KG and played even better this year without him (though not in the playoffs). They’ll still be good…just not championship good.

  3. zachary Says:

    i think were gonna win the series

  4. Kenny Says:

    I don’t want to rehash the Iverson trade or anything. I still understand the long term reasoning, and that Joe D felt we weren’t winning the championship with Chauncey. That’s fine, but even with him gone and AI not playing this team was too good to finish with 39 wins. And I think on paper we should have been able to beat a KG less Boston team in the playoffs. I wouldn’t say that now though because this team just has no identity.

    We’ll see what happens in the offseason, but the last 3 months have been about as frustrating a time period as I can remember with the Pistons.

  5. indeedindeed Says:

    Even without Iverson, we’re still talented enough to beat anyone in the East except Lebron right now. But we would also most likely lose to anyone. We’re kind of the anti-Celtics, so passionless and ill-fitting.

    I still think the Chauncey deal needed to happened, and I don’t think Denver’s success or the Stones’ failure changes any of that. The problem will become: what do you do with the cap space you’ve earned? I love Boozer’s low post scoring if he’s healthy, but he’s not a max guy you can build a title team around. Do you beat Lebron/Garnett-Pierce in 09-10 with Stuck, Rip, Tay, Boozetown, Amir? Doubtful.

    What’s the market like for Sheed this summer? Could we resign him for short money? Would we want to?

    I’d like to see Boozer happen just so Dano could get a Pistons jersey with Boozer on the back.

  6. Kenny Says:


    The pistons have the 15th pick in the draft. And 3 second rounders. Isn’t 15 where we landed stuckey? Any ideas of who we might be targeting? Seems like the backcourt is set, especially with the emergence of Bynum. Tay is goign to start at the 3 obviously, but we could desperately use a wing player that can back him up. Obviously the front court is going to be a big question mark with Sheed and Dyess both FAs. What do you guys think of sam young from Pitt? Hansborough is being talked about as a mid first rounder- not sure I would like that-, maybe Earl Clark from Louisvile- I really liked his game the few times I saw him, incredibly versatile, but it sounds like he had some consistency issues.

    Maybe we can grab Suton as our new Mehmet somewhere in the second round??

  7. Kenny Says:

    I am NOT a fan of Boozer. I like his game ok but the guy can’t stay on the court. I am definitely not a fan of him for max money.

    Boozer’s games played each season in his career: 81, 75, 51, 33, 74, 81, 37.

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