For posterity’s sake

Let me preface by saying that in my forthcoming/nevercoming novel, the first or second chapter has a scene where people are arguing about Brandon Inge. Here’s a real life discussion about the man:

BG: Another good start for Inge, I’ll be watching for another shitty end…batting avg predictions? I say… .225. Although he is hella-dank in the field.

Thanks to Bryan for resurrecting the word dank.

Admiral: I dunno. His BA as a 3B is a lot better than as a C. His career BA is .237 but his four best years are .287 / .261 / .253 / .236 which were ’04-’07 when he was playing more 3B and OF. In ’01-’03 when he was a catcher it was .180 / .202 / .203 and last year when he was mostly catching it was .205. I think .260 with 28HRs.

Dano: I agree with Haase, nothing amazing but around .250 or so and 25+ HRs. He should be batting quite often with runners on base and the pitchers will be coming at him with fastballs, which he can definitely hit.

At least we know he will be sick in the field. Too bad he wont get any consideration for a Gold Glove cuz someone like A-Rod or Longoria will get it for hitting .050 points higher and better power numbers while having a worse fielding percentage and more errors on fewer chances.

BG: Well every catcher, whether a true catcher or not, does worse at BA when they are catching.

Ex– The overall average of BA for all catchers to play in the majors since 1901 is .241, (, so it is no surprise that Inge’s avg is lower (only slightly) when he is catching.

Yes, Inge batted well (.apprx .280) when the Tigs went to the world series (and hit 27 HRs) but I would compare his stats to the fact the Tigers went all the way through the playoffs after 100 losing seasons…it seemed. “Sun was shining”.

He still averages around .240-.245 for his career when playing 3B, which is pretty dam close to the .241 number that all catchers who have played in the Bigs since 1901 have had. This shows that he probably is not that much better batting at 3B compared to catcher.

Credit to him, he does play fucking awesome in the beginning of seasons (Ken and my theory= new batting style that usually reverts back to the old and terrible one) and has a relatively decent average for a 3B but gets NO where near the power numbers as the average 3B.

Zach: .265 30 ding dongs. this is a good squad, at batting. i don’t like razor ramone santiago, i love inge on 3rd. what guillen doing? he working as a dh? are they rotating a little? i saw one game thanks to the package preview.

BG: Guillen at left OF… Homey Thymes at DH

Keno: If inge hits 30 homers that would be huge. I agree with dan and admiral, he won’t be as awful as he was last year. He’ll probably still strike out a lot, but he’s got power so if he can hit 20+ homers and play good defense i’ll take .240 out of him.

I like that the tigers have gone back to fielding a more balanced team. If watching the yankees the last few years has taught us anything it’s that having a lineup full of power hitters and all stars doesn’t get you a world series title. You need some guys that are just going to do the little things and play good defense.

When you are playing against good pitching (like the playoffs usually involves) you just can’t always rely on stringing together 3 or 4 hits in a row. Or a home run or something.

Plus I just enjoy watching those types of teams a lot more than yankee type teams. It sucks that the twins are a division rival because I think they would be my favorite non-tigers team if they weren’t. Now I can only cheer for them when the Tigers are out of it.

BG: At least he isn’t the worse batter in the rotation anymore. I believe our SS, Mr. Everett, takes that position.

Everett has definitely started out slow with his .238 and .333 OBP. Unfortunately that turtle-like beginning would still have his OBP 55 points higher than last season’s.

I know it’s really early in the season still, but we really need Verlander to show something tonight against the surprising Mariners.


One Response to “For posterity’s sake”

  1. York Roberts Says:

    The last time your really needed Verlander to show something you ended up having to post bail later that night. Man has to learn to keep it in his pants and you have to stop encouraging him.

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