Your AL Central leader!

The Detroit Tigers are a half game up! Keno:

Also, I think zach originally tipped me off to this, but I guess GM told the Tiger’s they couldn’t afford to continue being the sponsor out in Center Field. Apparently some of the foreign car companies offered to buy the space. Not only does Illitch say “No” but he puts up the Chrysler and Ford logos in center field with a “Detroit supports our U.S. Automakers” sign under it.

It’s nice that people are rallying around the Big 3 right now. It would be nicer if the economy would turn around so people could afford to buy cars again.

Illy must be selling a lot of pizzas.

None of us are apologists for the Ever Shrinking 3, but the banking crisis is the immediate reason the automotive industry is in collapse. It’s not like half as many people wanted to stop buying cars, they just can’t afford them anymore.

Slightly unrelated: when the Pontiac Aztek came out, I wanted it to succeed because my godfather was intimately involved in the project. But the aesthetic was panned by all the car critics and maybe out of the price range of the people it was intended for (I think the idea was that it’d be for the adventurous under-35 crowd.) But now there’s always one parked by my house and I can’t get over how much I like it. It still sticks out, but in a cool way. I WANT ONE.


2 Responses to “Your AL Central leader!”

  1. zachary Says:

    thats awesome of illitch. ive had two hot n readys this month. lil cease is not close either. gotta support MI.

  2. Dano Says:

    Nice article by Mitch Albom about it.

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